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Veolia Water to operate wastewater treatment plants in Doha, Qatar
Dated: 03-08-2009

The water division of Veolia Environment, Veolia Water, has entered into a seven year contract with the public works authority of Doha in Qatar, to operate and maintain two wastewater treatment plants and fully reuse the recycled water for irrigation and agriculture.
According to the terms of the 44 million Euro contract, which also has an option for a further three-year extension; Veolia Water will call on all its managerial know-how for maintaining asset condition of the facilities and ensuring TSE quality standards to 95 percent. It will respond to breakdowns and emergencies, and will also manage the interfaces of a proposed upgrade to the Doha South STP.
Antoine Frérot, the chief executive officer of Veolia Water, said: “This new contract confirms our leading position in this part of the world where challenges associated with wastewater services and recycling have such great importance for local authorities.”
“It is essential to have proven expertise to optimize the management of their infrastructure and to put their water resources to the best possible use,” he added.

The plants that are involved in the contract include the Doha South STP and Industrial Area STP.

The Doha South STP is estimated to have a treatment capacity of 112 000 m3/d of domestic effluents and constructed in two phases, it has been equipped with an activated sludge plant (surface aerated) then with a Sequenced Batch Reactor (SBR).

The Industrial Area STP treats 12 000 m3/d of domestic effluents. It has also been constructed in two phases and is equipped with a Sequenced Batch Reactor plant and, soon, it will have a sludge treatment facility (digesters/centrifuges).

Specialized in outsourcing services for municipal authorities, as well as industrial and service companies, Veolia Water is one of the world's major designers of technological solutions and constructors of facilities needed in water and wastewater services

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