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MBM wins massive contracts to clean schools and mosques in Abu Dhabi
Dated: 22-12-2009

MBM, (Modern Building Maintenance), one of the region’s leading total FM service providers recently won two massive contracts to clean the schools and mosques located in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Both projects are under the management of MBM’s new set-up, Emirate Model Building Management (EMBM), a joint venture between MBM and Emirate Transport services. The new company EMBM was formed with the objective to cater to large, high-end contracts in order to ensure greater attention and service delivery.
“This is a remarkable achievement for MBM as there were many competitors for these projects but with the management expertise, know-how and long-standing experience, we were able to add to our portfolio of prestigious clients, despite the recent economic downturn,” said marketing manager James Khan.
The scope of responsibility of the mosques-cleaning project involves looking after over 800 mosques in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Baniyas areas. The initial contract which has been awarded for the period of 1 year and valued at over AED 40million per year, includes everything from regular cleaning to deep cleaning of the important structures of the buildings.  
So far 1000 workers have been assigned to the project till date and the figure is “growing with more and more mosques being assigned to the project.”
“Our independent project team set-up is the reason for the success as it allows us to give these projects the concentration they require,” said Khan.
EMBM’s other cleaning contract for schools located in Abu Dhabi alone covers over 100 schools and facilities and is valued at approximately AED 60 million for a three-year period. This project entails the addition of a number of qualified workers to the operation, bringing the total number of workers, both male and female, to over 2000 people across both projects.          
With the presence of a workforce of 10,000 people workers in the UAE, MBM has bagged many prestigious awards, recognition and contracts across various sectors over the last 30 years. 
Once the contracts are awarded, the challenge lies in the careful planning and mobilization of logistics and operational matters and in the recruitment of workers to meet the contracts’ high demands. “Our specialized HR team travels to countries like Nepal, Kenya, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to recruit people who will eventually ‘make a difference’ to the job. Workers are carefully trained to impart the right skills and know-how to the projects right from day one.”
“Cleaning is now a very sensitive area,” said Khan, adding that MBM follows a policy of “listening to the client’s needs.” This policy has helped the company to step up its cleaning efforts even further, especially in the wake of the swine flu scare.
To date the schools-cleaning project has been one of the most demanding and challenging jobs in MBM’s portfolio as the facilities required “deep cleaning” in order to bring their level of hygiene to the standard that was required to curtail the spread of the H1N1 swine flu causing virus. “MBM was faced with the huge challenge of “deep cleaning” all school facilities prior to their opening, as well as dispatching specialized equipment, consumables and setting up an independent storage area. Ensuring that the staff and students came back to a healthy, clean environment and surroundings was not an easy task,” noted Khan.
Teams of workers, office staff and MBM management, worked round the clock to meet the demands of the clients in time for the opening of the schools. “MBM was also able to gather over 1000 additional staff from across its network in the UAE to work over weekends and public holidays to ensure that MBM delivers and stands by its promise and commitment.”
Once the schools had been “deep cleaned” and were made ready for the opening, MBM had to ensure the permanent deployment of the correct teams to different schools. “Smooth transportation for such projects is fundamental. Hundreds of carefully selected workers who are trained on all aspects of the job had to be transported each morning to different school sites,” said Khan.
MBM has stringently implemented the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) international standard of color coding on all the sites, as per the requirement of the client for this project. “Precise training was imparted to each cleaner, ensuring that the understanding of color coding permeated across all workers. MBM has now opted to apply the BICS standards to all its contracts and continues to educate those clients who remain unaware of its benefits in upgrading cleaning and hygiene standards,” said Khan.
He noted with satisfaction that EMBM has succeeded in continuing to deliver the highest standards of cleaning to both schools and mosques. In a short period of time, EMBM had also won a number of appreciation certificates from school and mosques who have recognized the company’s efforts and professional approach. 
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