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Dubai officials to ensure food safety during Eid holiday
Date: 07-09-2016

Dubai Municipality food inspectors will work round the clock to ensure proper food handling and safety during the upcoming Eid Al Adha holidays. Sultan Al Taher, Head of Food Inspection Section in the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality, said that teams of food inspectors will work round the clock during the Eid Al Adha holidays. “Our emphasis will be on the application of best health practices and a commitment to personal hygiene such as wearing gloves and hair covers. Employees should also carry occupational health cards. In addition to that we will be making sure they cook foods at suitable temperatures and preserve the food after preparation — more than 65 degrees Celsius to keep the food hot and less than 5 degrees Celsius for keeping it cold,” said Taher.

He said inspection teams will specially follow food poisoning complaints or issues by being available 24/7 to check cases. Al Taher said that certain food establishments will experience heavy food consumption, especially restaurants, markets and malls. “In order to maintain the overall health of consumers and ensure food safety, especially the popular Arabic sweets, bakeries, fruits and vegetable markets, where there will be increasing demand during the Eid period, the Food Inspection Section has completed all the necessary preparations ahead of Eid Al Adha,” he said. “The inspection teams were given directives to focus on food establishments, especially pastry and chocolate shops, to ensure the application of best practices that prevent contamination of these products, especially cross-contamination.”


He stressed the need for workers of food establishments to be committed to the highest standards of personal hygiene. 


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