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Masdar City awards FM contract to Cofely Besix Facility Management
Date: 14-03-2017

Cofely Besix Facility Management has been awarded the facilities management contract to provide total facility management services to Masdar City. Masdar City is a sustainable urban development that fosters an innovation

ecosystem, connecting education with research & development and business with investment opportunities. The project is home to the first cleantech cluster in the Middle East integrated with a world-class research institute, the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.
The initial contract is for a 3-year period, and includes full hard, soft and civil facility management services including operations and maintenance of electrical systems, HVAC and ventilation systems, potable water, fire detection systems, lifesafety critical systems, elevators, BMS, low voltage systems and civil infrastructure work. Cooling of the buildings
is provided via an energy efficient district cooling plant located within the confines of the site to assist natural cooling
elements of the building design.
“Energy Management plays a key role in the scope of work, and we will be introducing several innovative forms of technology and ideas to continually improve our efficiency and service delivery,” explained Ian Harfield, CEO of Cofely Besix Facility Management. “It is very important for us to be part of the evolution of the Masdar project, especially now as it starts to mature as a concept.
For Cofely Besix Facility Management to be aligned with a customer that is dedicated to the making the principals of energy efficiency in a living city environment, really applies a test to our operations and maintenance teams to ensure that it all works towards a common goal, and the results merely reinforce the sustainable vision set by Masdar.”
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