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Ajman Sewerage ups its water conservation efforts by advocating flow regulating devices
Date: 17-05-2017

Water Conservation - Cleaning Middle EastEchoing their commitment towards water management, Ajman Sewerage Private Company Limited (ASPCL) has once again accelerated its efforts towards environmental sustainability and the preservation of strategic water resources.

Under the ‘need-of-the-hour’ initiative, Ajman Sewerage launched the installation of 1,500 water-flow regulating devices in numerous schools and municipal premises. While maintaining comfort for users, these water-saving devices help conserve as much as possible as they control flow and avoid wastage of water. Ajman Sewerage in its pilot phase had earlier installed these devices in several properties in Ajman and received astonishing results where up to 40% of precious water was conserved.
Speaking about this initiative Mr. Christophe Ledur, General Manager said: “Water is a valuable resource and we aim to change the conscience of the society to ensure environmental sustainability throughout the water cycle, from water preservation upstream this water cycle up to the re-use of treated water downstream this water cycle.”
After mapping main public spaces in Ajman, Ajman Sewerage aims at supporting the installation of these water saving devices on a large-scale basis to include public buildings and areas of mass-water consumption such as mosques, schools, local authority premises and hotels.
Later this year Ajman Sewerage also plans sensitization initiatives with Open Days at their wastewater treatment plant and lectures on water conservation in schools and colleges. 
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