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Dhofar's Kleen Ambiente 60
Dhofar's Kleen Ambiente 60

Kleen Ambiente 60 is a gentle care furniture polish that varnishes and brings a silky shine to any type of wooden furniture. The product, which works perfectly without adding any other solvent, makes little scratches disappear in an instant. Kleen Ambiente 60 not only gives furniture a new look but also protects it from harmful elements.

The product, which is anti-static, is applicable on all real wooden furniture. Presented in white emulsive form, Kleen Ambiente 60 has low viscosity and a 945g/l density. The furniture polish is made up of aliphatiatic hydrocarbons, non-ionic surfactants (in compliance with international and national biodegradable standards), perfumes and linalool. The product has a storage life of two years.
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