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Fab 30 is an Anti Splash-back, 30 day urinal screen for fabulously scented washrooms. The unique, flexible design of the screen makes it easy to be installed in urinals of any shape or size. The innovative mesh design with angled grooves eliminates splash-back and keeps the urinal area clean, while protecting the drains by trapping debris, thus eliminating the need for costly repairs caused by clogged drains.

Each screen is packed individually with a protective glove, so replacing the Fab 30 screen after the 30 day cycle is hassle free. The screens are impregnated with high-quality fragrances with Neutra-lox malodour eliminator, a proprietary odour neutralising agent that eliminates bad odours, instead of masking them. The unique formulation of Fab 30 leaves only fresh scent in the air that lasts upto 30 days, while Neutra-lox Malodour eliminator eliminates bad smells. The Fab 30 fragrances match the Oxy-Gen Powered and Fab 3000 air freshener fragrances, thus reducing the number of air fresheners needed in the washroom.
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