Khidmah participates in Clean Up UAE at a school in the western region of Abu Dhabi
Dated: 26-01-2011

As a responsible corporate citizen, Khidmah L.L.C is committed to act consciously and admirably to protect the environment and safeguard the well-being of its Customers, employees and the society at large. To demonstrate this role, Khidmah participated in ‘Clean Up UAE Campaign’ in one of the schools at Western Region. This particular act
reflects the company’s own ambition of “Achieving Clean and Healthy environment”.

As a regular supporter of Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) the UAE’s leading environmental organization, Khidmah lent its support to the 9th Clean Up UAE campaign, by participating in a Clean Up activity at Al Mutaheda School for Basic and Secondary Education for Girls in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Approximately  360 km from the main Abu Dhabi city, the school is located in the Al Ghayati area of Western Region and has 450 female students.

Earlier Khidmah also participated in the nationwide Clean up UAE Campaign, organized by EEG on December 12th at Abu Dhabi Corniche. This follow up activity involved Khidmah employees, voluntarily conducting a thorough cleanup of the school premises -- with specific emphasis on picking-up litter. Khidmah employees and the students participated with great enthusiasm and together they cleaned an expansive site at the school, including the play grounds, assembly area and extensive parking area. To efficiently perform the task, the teams were divided into 3 groups with the combination of students, teachers and Khidmah employees. After an intense one-hour cleaning period, over 30 large bags of waste was collected, separated and disposed off in an appropriate manner.

Abdulla Al Qamzi, the Managing Director of  Khidmah, says: “Khidmah is highly conscious of the Environment and the current challenges to it. One of our goals this year is to run environmental friendly activities in our communities as well as at a large scale. Participating in the “Clean Up UAE” campaign gave Khidmah an excellent opportunity to be involved in the biggest environmental event in the UAE. By participating in the “Clean Up UAE” event at the school, we are doing our part to raise awareness of this important issue.” He further adds: “Khidmah provides facilities management services to multiple clients in the Western Region. The selection of a school to provide this service was done based onour deliberate interest to pay  back to the clients we serve and to the society where we provide our services.

This time Khidmah went to an extra mile by selecting a school which is located in a remote area of Al Ghayati.” As a Properties and Facilities Services provider, Khidmah is working on some vital Environmental friendly initiatives ranging from participation at Earth Hour last year, clothing recycling, general recycling, air conditioning refrigerant recycling to  using  environmental friendly cleaning products, low VOC paints and solar powered mobile phones and GPS systems in vehicles to save fuel consumption. Khidmah is also supporting its clients with Sustainability plans for their properties. These initiatives are a clear reflection of Khidmah’s approach towards the improvement of the environment.