International Copper Association highlights energy efficiency of copper plumping systems for region’s green buildings
Dated: 26-01-2011

Copper is most environment-friendly plumping material available said to
add value to the MEP industry sector in achieving the goals of green building development

The focus of the regional governments in the Middle East to promote sustainable development initiatives including ‘green buildings’ has put the spotlight on developers and contractors seeking newer alternatives to enhance the energy use efficiency of buildings. The International Copper Association, the apex body promoting the use and application of copper across various sectors, is recommending a new alternative that will significantly add value to the MEP industry sector in achieving the goals of green building development through the use of copper plumping systems.

Ravinder Bhan, Principal Consultant of TPS Management Consultants and Local  representatives for International Copper Association, said: “Copper represents the standard for plumbing works in distributing water in homes and other buildings in most of the developed nations. Copper pipes are the first choice of people worldwide for their  plumbing needs, primarily due to its distinctiveness of being corrosion-resistant, leakproof and run on hassle-free  maintenance.”

He added: “Copper is a naturally occurring metal and hence it is best suited to be the most environment friendly plumbing material available in the market. Today, we see a number of contractors stepping forward to use copper plumping systems in the construction sector of the Middle East. This is an encouraging trend, which can add significant value, especially with the focus of the Emirates Green Building Council to promote the development of  sustainable built environments.”

Copper plumbing offers several green benefits including potential for recycling, leak proof jointing, higher corrosion resistance and longer life. Copper is 100 percent recyclable and can be recycled and used many times over. Today, 30 percent of the global copper demand ismet by recycled copper.  Copper plumbing system is installed using soldering or brazed joints, and this leak proof jointing system of copper plumbing system has made it a preferred choice in some of the critical applications such as medical gas, piped natural gas across the world.

Copper is also naturally resistant to corrosion - one of the key reasons for the leakages in plumbing system - which also drastically reduces the  life of the plumbing system. When installed properly copper plumbing will last for more than 50 years. In several global markets, copper plumping has a market share of over 80 percent due to its unique features. It is widely used in hot water systems due to its negligible co-efficient of linear expansion and ability to
withstand high temperatures. Copper is important for delivering fresh, clean,  wholesome drinking water; for generating and supplying electricity; and for our health.

Recyclability increases copper’s value to society by assisting in the conservation of natural resources. The use of recycled copper also leads to reduced production of greenhouse gases. With several such positive attributes, copper will play a key role in the development ofsustainable buildings and one of its main applications will continue to be in plumbing and heating systems.