Roof Care
Dated: 27-01-2011

A below-grade waterproofing system that is either poorly designed or poorly installed can prove to be difficult for building owners and the facilities management company looking after the building, if the water-proofing gives way within the life time of the building.

Traditional or conventional waterproofing systems used in the buildings in the UAE, offer a guarantee for 10-12 years, says a statement released by Roof Care, a fully-owned application division of Henkel Polybit that offers a guarantee of 25 years. “At Roof Care, we adopt innovative ideas to solve the complex issues pertaining to thermal insulation and quality waterproofing that the industry is currently facing. We are committed to installing  quality thermal insulation and moisture protection systems for buildings, ensuring performance during the stipulated guarantee period,” says general manager Anil Paul.

Combo-Roof System Roof Care offers two different types of comprehensive systems: Ceresit Wall Insulation System and Combo Roof System. Combo Roof is a roofing system that meets the thermal insulation standards set by Dubai Municipality.

With Dubai Municipality’s approval, Roof Care gives a performance guarantee for the system for a life time of ‘25years’ against all other conventional systems that are guaranteed just by the applicators,generally for a period of 10 years in this market.

“The systems we promote are widely accepted by major contractors and consultants in UAE based on its technical superiority, better logistics control and time- saving factors. Our team is fully equipped to meet the most stringent international standards. So far, we have successfully proved to our commitments, minimizing complaint levels during the operation as well as post-operation period.” Using Roof Care eliminates wastage of raw materials that a building would have to undergo, in 10 years from the date of its construction. Moreover, once the life of the building is over, the materials used by Roof Care are s very easily recyclable. That means the concrete can be reused. The polyurethane is  recycled to make carpets and filling components for packaging purposes.

Ceresit Wall Insulation, System To attain maximum wall heat insulation especially in the hot summer months where temperatures can climb to 50 degrees centigrade, Roof Care suggests the use of polyurethane which offers maximum protection against heat. In traditional heat insulation methods, the following materials are used: rock wook; expanded polystyrene installation; extruded polystyrene, whereas Roof Care instead uses the 4th generation of heat
insulation, i.e. polyurethane.

When the heat from the outside environment doesn’t have a chance to penetrate the building material, then less air conditioning is needed. Therefore energy efficiency comes into play. Therefore, Roof Care ensures maximum energy saving by contributing wisely to the Green scene. Roof Care’s health, safety and environment protection plans include taking the responsibility to protect the environment around it while its activities are on –going in compliance with the laws and statutes of the UAE.