Dated: 22-05-2011
Viking Gulf Trading hands over twoTYMCO 435 Regenerative Air Sweepers to Ajman Municipality

Viking Gulf Trading, the authorized dealer of TYMCO in the GCC, handed over two Tymco sweeping machines (regenerative air sweepers) to Ajman Municipality. The machines were tried and tested successfully by the officials and employees of Ajman Municipality under the supervision of Henrik Mahaini, director of sales & marketing Viking Gulf Trading. TYMCO invented and has now perfected the Regenerative Air Sweeper to a standard by which
all air sweepers are measured today, said Mahaini. The first regenerative air sweeper was developed by TYMCO to meet the demand in the road construction industry to remove the fine sand and dust particles before laying tarmac onto the road. Previously brush systems had been used but they only brushed the particles into the cracks in the roadway and did not effectively remove them.

The TYMCO sweepers quickly expanded into other sectors and is today one of the mostused regenerative air sweepers on the roads and on runways. Gauging the potential of these  machines, Ajman Municipality chose to purchase TYMCO sweepers to help maintain the hygiene standards and keep Ajman roads clean. These machines will be used from immediate effect.

Yaqoob Mohammed Ali Turki, head of transport section, municipality and planning department, told Clean Middle East: “We chose TYMCO over the other brands because both the product (quality) and price (cost-effective) suited our requirements. We often got complaints that the road sweepers blew a lot of dust while cleaning the roads; secondly, they just helped to collect the dust on the sides of the roads. These new sweepers are much more effective and can clean roads much more efficiently. In the near future we plan to increase the fleet and replace the older machines.”

Speaking about the specifications of the new sweepers Mahaini said, “Tymco has not changed much on the sweeper design in the recent years – why change something which works - but we have updated the Isuzu chassis, which the sweeper is mounted on, to reflect the latest version.”

The model given to Ajman Municipality is model 435, made in Waco, Texas – USA and is amongst the superior  regenerative air system sweeper’s model by TYMCO. The regenerative air sweeping system maximizes the effect of the blower through use of the closed system. The creation of pressure at one point in the system for a cleaning blast of air also creates a vacuum for collection of dust, dirt and debris into the hopper.

By avoiding the use of filters and exhaust air, not only does it increase the efficiency of the system, it also eliminates  a major cause of dust – that being the dirty air exhausted through the filters.