Dated: 22-05-2011
Continental Trading to represent ISAL power sweepers

ISAL is an Italian company specialized in manufacturing industrial and urban sweepers. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and continuous investment in research and development, behind it, ISAL offers to its customers a wide range of strong and reliable sweepers.

“We build the machines in our own factory, starting with the design followed by the production and ending with t h e a s s e m b l i n g assuring quality control at every phase of the production process,” reads a company statement.

“From the most simple and economical manual sweepers to the user friendly walkbehind machines and to the most powerful and efficient ride-on sweepers, ISAL wants all their users to be satisfied customers.

“We are pleased to be representing Continental Trading Company in UAE as one of the major players in the cleaning business,” says a release from ISAL.