Dated: 23-05-2011
Continental Trading to introduce FAST cleaning products in the region

Continental Trading Company has announced that it will introduce FAST professional upright vacuum cleaning machines and the full range of carpet care products.

FAST has developed a full program of cleaning equipment. The range of products consists of professional vacuum cleaners with standard, very low noise levels and high filtration performance. A complete line of machines for dry carpet care and maintenance consists of upright vacuums, large area maintenance equipment like the Easy Clean 4.0 for brushing, cleaning and vacuuming in one workflow saving time and giving a better result.

The philosophy behind FAST products is to ensure low maintenance cost during the lifetime of the equipment. High q u a l i t y components are used to ensure a long lifetime and high durability. Low lifetime costs are realized by making sure the users of the equipment find it easy to execute the necessary daily maintenance while doing simple repairs on the spot.