Dated: 23-05-2011
Dubai Municipality’s Food Inspection Section inspects educational institutions; interacts with clients

The Food Inspection Section of Dubai Municipality recently organized an integrated inspection campaign across all educational institutions of the emirate. The campaign, part of an action plan for the year 2011, is in accordance with the strategic initiatives that ensure the safety of food supplied in Dubai, specifically in educational institutions.

Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al-Ali, head of Food Inspection Section said the campaign is designed to ensure the safety of food supplied in schools through food supply companies to prevent circulation of food received from anonymousor unauthorized sources. “It also aims to make kitchens and preparation areas in educational institutions comply with the technical and health specifications of the Food Control Department and to educate school administrations about the risks related to the food given to students,” he said.

“The campaign covered only 177 out of 220 educational institutions due to holidays, however, it achieved the desired  objectives. Some violations were found in sanitary and technical requirements and the hygiene practices of workers in preparing food. Immediate corrective actions have been taken”, he said.


The campaign recommended the following steps to be taken in ensuring food safety: Immediate corrective actions to be taken by catering companies with respect to violations; sending circulars to food suppliers of educational institutions to take necessary permits from the Food Control Department; intensify nutritional awareness through educational campaigns organized by educational institutions among students, teachers and parents;  follow-up on hot and cold food supplied schools during transport, supply and delivery; and provide training on how to measure food temperature at all stages. Al Ali called upon parents to follow up the types of food served to their children in educational institutions and pay attention to remarks from children about the food circulation and distribution outlets and inform the Municipality through its hotline 800 900.

Interaction with clients
The Food Inspection Section in cooperation with the Customer  Relations Department recently conducted a meeting with owners and managers of food establishments located in Deira,under the Food Inspection Section’s plan for the year 2011, to hold quarterly meetings with the owners and managers of food establishments in Dubai.

The meetings were aimed at ensuring continuous excellence in customer service, listening to their suggestions and to meet their requirements, in order to increase customer satisfaction and improve the service quality.  Manal Obeid bin Yaerof, head of Customer Care Section, and Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al-Ali, head of Food Inspection Section revealed the procedures of the Food Inspection Section for food establishments and informed about the ways to communicate with the Food Inspection Section.

The major difficulties they face and the corrective actions that are required to raise the technical and health standards of these institutions were discussed. The participants showed their willingness to cooperate with the Food Inspection Section and its field staff, and also the proposal to appoint a Person-In- Charge for each establishment, in accordance with the policies of the Food Control Department, which were welcomed by all participants.