Dated: 23-05-2011
Nanotechnology-based energy saving solutions get green light in Qatar

Industrial Nanotech, Inc., an emerging global leader in nanotechnology based energy saving solutions, recently announced an agreement with Qatar-based Nanotechnology Company to serve as its exclusive distributor of Nansulate thermal insulation and protective coatings.

Nansulate is Industrial Nanotech Inc.’s patented product line of award winning, speciality coatings containing nanotechnology based material and which is said to provide the combined performance qualities of thermal insulation, corrosion prevention, resistance to mold growth, fire resistance, chemical resistance and lead encapsulation in an environmentally safe, waterbased, coating formulation. The Nansulate® Product Line includes industrial, residential, agricultural and solar thermal insulation coatings.

Qatar Nanotechnology is a distributor and service provider of nanotechnology based solutions to commercial, industrial, and residential customers in Qatar and the ulf Region. Commenting on this development, Francesca Crolley, Industrial Nanotech vice president for Business Development, said: “We look forward to expanding into this country with Qatar Nanotechnology Company. Their management team has an excellent record of commercializing new technologies; and theirpresident and CEO has 19  successful businesses ranging from cleaning services to construction services, which they plan to supply with Nansulate® coating solutions.

Qatar is a fast growing area, which is investing heavily into new housing and office buildings, as well as in new infrastructure and equipment. We look forward to this being an important market for Industrial Nanotech.”