Dated: 23-05-2011
Tall Buildings Middle East conference to address issues of vertical skyline in region

Tall Buildings Middle East will serve to highlight key solutions to the latest challenges for delivering tall building projects and iconic structures across the Middle East.

It is set to be a very promising year ahead for the tall buildings industry in Qatar and across the Middle East. According to a recent report, 2010 set the record for the completion of more skyscrapers than any previous year in history, specifically 66 buildings with a height of 200 metres and above. The CTBUH’s list of the world’s 100 future tallest building projects indicates that 21% will be based within the Middle East region, specifically in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. As it is a critical time for industry experts and government ministries to share and gain knowledge on the changes in this promising market, IQPC Middle East has put together our first Tall Buildings Middle East conference, which will be held in Doha from 19 – 22 June 2011.

Regional developers are seeking contractors, architects and consultants with a wealth of local experience and the knowledge to deliver iconic tall building projects on time, within budget and which meet stakeholder expectations.

This conference will highlight the key solutions to the latest challenges faced by developers and project owners within the Middle East’s tall buildings industry, including: developing iconic and distinctive high profile landmarks, ensuring tall  tower designs fit within the context of the local skyline, maximisingthe revenue and saleability of the development and achieving high‐quality, sustainable and future‐proof vertical projects that hold their value.