Albariq Equipment launches Comac’s CS140 Twin Action sweeping machine in the UAE
Dated: 22-04-2012
Albariq Equipment has recently introduced a sweeping machine in the UAE that is based on a technology that has been developed and patented by the Italian company, Comac spa. The CS140 Twin Action sweeping machine performs the jobs of two machines in a single compact one. With a combination of mechanical action and suction action, the machine operates even on bumpy road surfaces as no rigid element is in contact with the ground. Hence, tree roots or protruding manholes do not pose a problem. CS140 is most suitable to clean dusty and sandy areas such as roads or parking spaces and industrial areas, such as metallurgy plants and cement factories where water cannot be used.

The machine includes a central brush and two screw conveyors which operate simultaneously with suction operation to guarantee maximum efficiency in dirt collection. While waste is collected through mechanical action, the finer dust is drawn by suction action. If required, a water-spray system at the side broom can be used to control fine dust in a very efficient way.
The real advantage of the machine is the dust control system, enabled by a 50 square metre filter-shaker which prevents the dust from escaping into the air once collected from the surface. The hydraulic support and the presence of the flaps ensure a constant pressure on the ground for the brush independently of wear or the terrain, for maximum cleaning results. The Industrial Open Power engine which is specifically sized for continuous applications at constant speed with reduced consumption is suitable for continuous heavy-duty work, even for a daily cycle of eight hours non-stop. Since most of the work is concentrated on the central brush and limits the use of the side brushes, the machine comes standard equipped with the right side brush, while the left brush is optional.
The sweeping machine has been found to be capable of cleaning operations under all weather conditions. It has undergone extensive testing for a whole year, both in the autumn/winter on damp, muddy ground covered with leaves, and in the spring/summer on dry, dusty ground. The vacuum turbine has been calibrated at top speed, to guarantee the best flow rate of aspirated air, cleaned of all the fine dust particles over a good 50 square metres of filtering surface.
Speaking on the acceptance of the product in the cleaning industry, Massimo Mossenta, head of sales, Sweeping Machine Division of Comac spa said, “The CS140 TwinAction has been tested by a good number of users; they’ve all recognized the qualities of the TwinAction system that allows the machine to be used on dusty ground without actually raising the dust and, above all, without needing to use water to reduce the dust or lubricate the vacuum channel. The use - or, to put it better, the “waste” - of water is something that has a notable effect on both the autonomy of the machine (which has to be frequently stopped in order to fill the spacious tank), and on the environment. Water is increasingly becoming a precious commodity, and the municipal administrations realize that the use of water in sweeping machines, as an attempt to reduce the dust raised by the brushes, is no longer acceptable. We’ve calculated that by not using water in our machines, it’s possible to save up to 100,000 litres of water a year. The CS140 TwinAction was purposely designed for dusty, sandy environments (like the Middle East), and to clean cement works and foundries, where water cannot be used.”