No more slipping on wet floors
Dated: 26-07-2012

Applying anti-slip solution to wet floors is important because safety is important. According to the US National Council, slip/fall accidents are the second leading causes of accidental death after automobile accidents; it is also the number one cause of accidents in hotels, restaurants and public buildings. Not only slips/falling is a problem for workers, it can also be risky for customers, employees and guests in hotels, among many places. Besides cleaning or wiping away the water regularly, anti-slip systems ensure safety from slipping. Accidental falls resulting in bleeding, fractures and even coma often go unreported for fear of damaging the reputation of the business.

In countries with weather such as in Dubai where it is hot and humid outside and cool inside the airconditioned indoors, the floor close to the entrance tends to get slippery with the condensation of water due to the opening and closing of doors. Holland-based FSI manufactures an anti-slip system which takes about 10 minutes to apply on the floor. The three-step treatment does not affect the appearance of the floor and is easy to apply. Considered eco-friendly as it is a water-based product, the solution is invisible and the result cannot be seen, though certainly felt.

“People think that there is no solution to slippery tiles. So they prefer to simply replace the tiles,” says Saleem Khan, general manager, Quartz Design International who is the distributor of FSI’s anti-slip solution in the Middle East. “But this is a ten-minute procedure. It is just cleaning the floor and applying the solution with a mop. Since the procedure is simple, even the housekeeping staff can do it.”

Target group

The solution is most ideal for swimming pools, saunas, schools, hospitals, kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centres, airports, public buildings, entrances, residential care homes and in and around the house and very importantly , the area overlooked or ignored , the wet floor during regular cleaning where the passerby can accidently slip if the “wet floor” sign is ignored. In short, anywhere a wet and slippery floor might be dangerous. The anti-slip solution can be applied on ceramic tile floors (slabs), granite, terrazzo and concrete. It is effective for a minimum of 3 years, very easy to apply, biodegradable, inhibits bacterial growth and tested worldwide.

The way it works

Untreated surfaces have micro pores in which water stays causing the surface to stay wet for a longer period, leading the people to slip. The anti slips system adheres to the micro pores on the surfaces. The treated surface reacts immediately when it comes in contact with any form of moisture and creates an inhibitive effect or a high friction coefficient. “When we visit a site, we scrub the tiles to remove any oil or dirt with our Step 1 cleaning solution mixed with water at a ratio of 1:4, followed by cleaning with water. After allowing the surface to dry, we apply our Step 2 undiluted with a mop taking precautions that this surface is wet continuously for 3 minutes and not a single patch or area is allowed to dry, finally we rinse the floor with our Step 3 solution and the job is done,” says Saleem Khan who recommends regular and proper cleaning the surface with a degreaser to extend the lifetime of the solution.

“We always inform our customers that the product is ideal for areas where the surfaces come into contact with water or moisture. Currently, we are working on anti-slip solutions on totally dry but slippery areas. Our satisfied customers have started asking for solutions for dry areas. So, we are in talks with an American company to brand the product in our name. We have conducted tests which are satisfactory. The only issue is that the material is flammable and has to be transported by sea. It is profitable only if we order it in a huge quantity. However, we are looking to introduce it soon. That product is ideal for steel floors and wooden floors,” says Saleem Khan.

Quality and testing

The antislip system has already been fully tested worldwide regarding its effectiveness, safety and effect on health by independent testing institutions (TNO, Notox, Saurefliesnervereinigung etc.) The system has already been adopted in many projects with various national and international customers.


“The customers are finding the prices very reasonable compared with earlier but ineffective and laborious solutions that have been applied. Eventually the costs are negligible as you save in terms of not having to refurbish area with new tiles while maintaining high reputation and goodwill which would be destroyed if a slipping accident were to occur.

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