Dated: 19-06-2013
Green Way:Avet Middle East to make inroads into MENA region

By Sreenivasa Rao

The Zurich, Switzerland, headquartered Avet AG is expanding into the Middle East region. The company has already made its presence in the UAE having set up a branch office in 2010. Recently it forged an alliance with CleanCo, a leading player in the cleaning industry, and is looking to other parts of the region for marketing its ClaraClean2.0 conception.

“Having entered the UAE market in early 2010 and with the competitiveness of the market, we took the decision to work directly with our customers as we don’t sell our products to retailers. We approached established companies such as CleanCo with whom we look to grow in tandem. Our presence in the market is picking up here and we are looking to expand our reach to other parts of the region. We are focusing on Qatar, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain and Omani markets as the demand is very good,” Masood Malik, Managing Director, Avet Middle East, told Clean Middle East.
Avet AG develops and manufactures high quality cleaning aids, tools and equipment for professional users in the cleaning and hygiene sectors. Avet AG is renowned for its innovation and high quality products. “Our products are being used at Mall of Emirates in Dubai, Dubai International Airport and Doha airport. We have a wide range of products to offer for the region,” adds Malik.

As per the requirements of the market, Avet work alongside independent laboratories of repute to assess the impact of certain products within its vast product portfolio on the environment. The customers of Avet such as CleanCo are expressing satisfaction over the products’ performance. CleanCo has started using chemicals and mop from Avet for its customers.
“CleanCo is using the products at two central laundries at Sonapur and Jebel Ali. Avet’s products are widely used in all internal areas of the commercial areas that we handle,” said CleanCo Purchasing and Logistics Manager Muhammad Belal. The officials of CleanCo observe that the immediate effect with the usage of the Avet product is more flexibility at the cleaning area as there’s no need of carrying buckets of water. Earlier, every cleaner had to carry two buckets with him one for fresh water and another for dirty water. Using the Avet ClaraClean2.0 conception itself is enough to clean the floor as it requires no water or any bucket to carry the dirty water after the cleaning.

Avet’s ClaraClean2.0 conception reduces water consumption significantly. For instance, CleanCo operations cover 20,000 sqm space being cleaned in 26 days moping three times a day. This consumes 160,000 gallons of water per annum.
“The ClaraClean2.0 conception reduces water consumption significantly. Hence, we’re saving thousands of litres of water every month. Each cycle 7-9 litres of water is consumed at a given space. On an average, we’re saving over 60 per cent of water because of the ClaraClean2.0 conception. The product is beneficial to both the cleaning contractor and the customer as well,” explains Belal.
“The use of Avet products resulting in a saving of Dh15,000 per year on water alone. It reduced the water consumption from 2,000 litres to 600 litres. The cost benefit is immediately for the customers. For us, it will take two years to get total cost benefit out of it. We have studied the product and its advantages for three months before adopting it for our commercial cleaning task. We started using this product since January. We started using this product at Malls to begin with. Then we’ll expand it further to other customers as the awareness spreads,” said CleanCo Operations Director Bawa S.
After the initial trials, now, the customers of Avet Middle East, as CleanCo says, are finding it more effective as their end clients are happy with the product.
“It’s not that easy to convince customers about a particular product for cleaning. However, we keep on insisting on new technology applications in cleaning. We also take awareness building exercise for our customers about the latest technology applications and innovative products for better cleaning and hygiene in the industry,” adds C Poojari, Project Manager at CleanCo.
Avet Middle East has begun its exercise to spread more awareness about its products in the UAE. The company is approaching the major property owners to promote its product range. The product is being used at Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (Dafza).

“We have also approached Dafza for distributing it to its tenants for building awareness about our products. Dubai Municipality is encouraging cleaning contractors to use eco-friendly solvents,” said Malik. “After introducing the ClaraClean2.0 conception, the water consumption on cleaning activity at Dafza came down significantly from 300,000 litres per annum to 10,000 litres,” observes Poojari.

Established in 1987, CleanCo has emerged as a major player in the country with headcount running over 11,000. The major clients of the company include federal and local government bodies, oil companies, hospitals, etc. CleanCo provides specialised cleaning services for hospitals, airport, aircraft, industrial cleaning, universities and Schools.
“We also do some trading of cleaning products and chemicals. We’re exploring the option of distributing Avet products also. However, we are yet to take a decision on it,” said Belal. “We also give short-term training for about 30 minutes to our staff on how to use the ClaraClean2.0 conception” adds Bawa.

Benefits of Avet microfiber mops

Avet AG has developed and patented a special process that allows a controlled and even application of the highly effective cleaning formula of ClaraClean 2.0 Mop Heads and or ClaraClean 2.0 Microfiber Cloths. The Mop Head or Microfiber Cloth need only be dampened with water and the substances incorporated in the textile are activated and applied in a controlled and efficient manner. The amount of water applied is measured precisely according to the cleaning requirements, a feature exclusive to the ClaraClean 2.0 System. After cleaning with the mop head or the cloth, they can be simply recharged during the washing process. The process can be repeated indefinitely. To complete the washing process the mop can be used in a dry, damp or wet state.   

Mission ‘Green’

A key objective of Avet AG is to develop innovative products and environment-friendly solutions to the age-old problem of designing and manufacturing of cleaning aids, tools and equipments. The product range offered by Avet comes with all the benefits of cutting edge innovation and revolutionary technology, coupled with the essence of environmental preservation. Avet is working in line with the policies of the United Nations Environment Agency in order to reduce carbon output within the cleaning industry across the globe. In order to meet these targets Avet introduced the ClaraClean microfiber range into its wider product range portfolio. Avet were the first company in Europe to be awarded the EU Nordic Swan Ecolabel for microfiber. The ClaraClean microfiber range has been independently tested at the Weber & Leucht textile laboratory in Germany. More information on Avet ClaraClean can be found at

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