CWM:Implementing proactive pest control plans
Dated: 20-06-2013


The Abu Dhabi-based Center of Waste Management (CWM) is aiming for an integrated waste management system for a better environment for residents, visitors and the business community in the emirate. Eng Mohamed Mahmood Al Marzouqi, Acting Pest Control Director at CWM, reveals his plans and strategy towards pest control activity in an interview to Clean Middle East. Excerpts...

Centre of Waste Management Abu Dhabi (CWM) has contracted a number of environmental service providers (ESPs) to offer pest control services across the emirate. How many companies have you contracted for pest control service so far? What’s your take on this?

CWM has hired five companies based on their profile of performance and expertise. They have been contracted to provide exclusive public health pest control services within their contracted prescribed areas, the center role is to supervise their service provisions and control their operations.


The center as a government firm is participating in the implementations of service outsourcing and communicating partnership with private sector and implementing services in international standards and new concepts.

Eng Mohamed Mahmood Al Marzouqi, Acting Pest Control Director at CWM

How has the response been to your year-long campaign on clean up drive and pest control? What are your observations? What new measures are you taking up as part of future action plans?

The planned and applied pest control service provisions are delivered in three forms of methodology to confirm a grip up and suppression of public health pests infestations to the maximum lower and non hazardous levels, scheduled service provisions which mean monitoring, surveying and applying pests control operations within the service area in a periodic program covering all types of pests and all area parts, these schedules are built to meet with the shortest number of days for pests to hatch, which reflects as a proactive methodology, this is the first form, the second one is un-scheduled services which include response to indoor calls for service and provide solutions for individual locations, this reflects as reactive methodology.

The last form is campaigns which are arranged to rectify specific situations in specific sites or to suppress sudden pests’ breakouts, these campaigns are generated intensively for a limited time as the applications and operations are intensified through. 

The CWM contact supervisory staff is conducting site visits and monitoring of contractors operations, service provisions, contractors response to service calls and clients satisfaction to control the contracts performance, they raise their observations to contractors when they detect service deficiencies to be rectified by contractors within fixed timing. Currently the CWM feels high cooperation and satisfactory performance levels from contractors.

In 2012, CWM was offering the pest control service free of cost in residential premises. What is the current status?

The indoor pest control services call outs is offered free of charge for all UAE citizens in all areas, and for locals and non locals in Al Ain contracts only.

Generally, CWM launches winter season campaign to prevent the proliferation of pests that breed during cooler months. How effective was the last season’s campaign as a preventive measure? Explain.

CWM proactive pest control plans are covering all seasons al through the year, but for every season a specially designated intensified operations are applied by contractors to meet with expected seasonal pests outbreaks, all previous seasons campaigns were successful and reached the planned targets.

What are the other precautionary measures being taken up for pest control in Abu Dhabi?

CWM and its contractors are participating in raising public awareness in pest hazards, how to prevent their infestations and how to contribute in the applied pests control efforts.

What is the current status of pest spread and in what ways does it pose a common health risk?

Pests’ infestations levels in Abu Dhabi Emirate are currently lying within the lowest targeted percentages and international non hazardous limits. We feel proud and confident that UAE is been declared as malaria free nation since 2005 by the International Health Organization. This is because of the efforts put in by the government and its contractors.

What are the factors that contribute to pest spread?

Pests are living creatures, they live and multiply where they find harborage, food sources and suitable climatic conditions, and integrated pest management plans are built to include these sources reduction.

In general, good waste management, good housekeeping, perfect goods storage and public contribution can play a detectable role in pests’ infestation prevention efforts besides professional implementations provided by contractors.

What are the major challenges you face in controlling pests and how do you deal with them?

The most major challenge for us is that we already reached international standards in pest control practices and we will sustain the current practices. Moreover, we continue to adopt the latest international inventions and practices in this regard.

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