Country Focus: Qatar
Dated: 20-06-2013

Since its inception in 2010, MEFMA has never been confined to any one country and its current board is made up of industry leaders from across the region including Vice-President, Ibrahim Fakhroo, group CEO of GSSG, who is an important player in the Qatari real estate and FM industry. Naturally, due to its size and prospective opportunities, the facilities management market in Qatar is expected to exceed the regional annual growth estimates of 18 per cent and already it represents more than 13 per cent of the Middle East market, third only to KSA and UAE. The World Cup also brings Qatar into the limelight and before it has even had a chance to prove itself; environmental best practice is being called into to question.

So energy conservation and pragmatic solutions that reduce energy costs are being demanded by end users. Especially big construction developments that may present a higher carbon footprint, putting pressure on developers to balance carbon emissions during the lifecycle of the building. And it’s the facility management companies that are expected to provide the solution in order to obtain better business opportunities and retain respect amongst the global community.

But with incremental growth comes challenges and in Qatar, FM companies are increasingly facing the challenge of low awareness. International companies operating out of Qatar providing a strong customer base, but many end-user sectors have still not opened up to the concept of outsourcing facilities management services. So for MEFMA, spreading awareness about the need for outsourcing facilities management services to professionals is gradually gaining importance and is expected to bring in an upward trend in the business.

Hence MEFMA organised its inaugural conference in Qatar, has held open days that help build bridges with the wider construction industry and continually ensures that it’s accredited training programmes reaches those developing their careers in Qatar. For instance, in June we will be holding our foundation course in Facility Management in Doha. The certified course has been a huge success in other markets and its task is to educate the Middle East to a global level by offering Qatar certified courses with local case studies. In summation MEFMA has a huge role in educating and training those charged with implementing best practice and optimising building efficiencies. It’s is the only way forward if we are to adopt world class management standards, cut building emissions and harness nature more effectively to power and water our cities.

So if Qatar is a market within which you operate please help us along the way by supporting and engaging with our events, networking platforms and focus groups. Your opinions do matter at such an early stage of development


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