Karcher launches new product for hard surfaces
Dated: 05-09-2013

Karcher, a German manufacturer of cleaning equipment, has launched a new product for hard surfaces and textile coverings. The new product BDS 43/Duo C Adv is an all-purpose usable single disc machine for easy cleaning and floor care tasks. This is part of the company’s strategy to unveil new products from time to time catering to the ever-changing requirements of the market.

BDS 43/Duo C Adv

New generation product of Karcher’s single-disc machines is perfectly balanced with two control shafts – for convenient and powerful cleaning of hard surfaces and textile coverings. The new product BDS 43/Duo C Adv comprises one disc and two control shafts. Tank (optional) is located centrally on the motor casing. The central weight distribution, resulting in increased contact pressure while also being light to carry. The product has very good accessible features including a rapid removal on the handle. It can be filled at a water basin with filling level display for continuous water level control.

The handle of the product can easily be completely folded down. Machine requires significantly less space for storage and has compact dimensions for transport, e.g. in a car. Another convenient feature of the product is that brush or pad can remain on the machine and do not have to be removed.

Ensuring high quality performance, the product is equipped with heavy duty motor and metal planetary gear drive and these make it a very robust and optimum durability. It has high torque for efficient operation. The other features include wide, ergonomic handle, two oval robust aluminium shafts for good balance and effortless operation. Good application of force is possible. Way back in 1950, Alfred Kärcher made his breakthrough into cleaning technology with the development of the first European hot-water pressure washer (the DS 350 steam blaster). The construction for heating the water proves so future-oriented that today it still serves as the basis for all of the burners.

In 1962, Kärcher set up its first foreign subsidiary in France, followed by Austria and Switzerland. The company continued consistently moving forward as part of its globalisation. In 1975, Kärcher opens a factory in Brazil, within ten years the enterprise established 16 distribution companies in different regions including North America, Africa and Australia. In 2008, Kärcher has expanded its footprint to 41 countries with its own subsidiaries, earning 85 per cent of its turnover in foreign countries. 40,000 service centres in over 190 counties ensure uninterrupted service to customers worldwide.

Innovation continues to be the most important growth factor for Kärcher. Since 2008, Kärcher has brought three worldwide innovations to market in the field of pressure washers for end consumers alone-- the K HC 10 with hybrid technology, the K 2.20 with the 4-wheel concept and the world’s quietest models K 3.00 and K 4.00. The worldwide leader in cleaning technology will continue to distinguish itself in future with its inventive spirit, top-class performance and innovative solutions.


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