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Dated: 09-09-2013

One of the most dramatic shifts in the demands placed on executive housekeepers has been the increased need to know about energy management, sustainability, and environmentally responsible policies and procedures. Housekeeping Managers must understand the role they play in ensuring their properties are wisely using resources, preventing waste and contributing to an environment that is safe to reside in. Enhancing environmental sound policies increases the economic health of a property. The numbers are compelling and impossible to ignore.

Properties that have instituted green policies have reaped millions of dirhams in cost reductions. The actions that the hospitality industry takes to conserve water, save energy, reduce waste and purify air are making the world a healthier place to live. They reduce pollution and help reserve natural habitats. They ensure the long-term success of a property by helping to make tomorrow’s world a sustainable environment.

The social benefits are also plentiful. Having environmentally sound management policies and initiatives – and publicity those efforts – makes a property more attractive to its guests and to groups calling for environmental accountability. Green policies also can make the property more comfortable and healthy for guests.

Green Tips

• Avoid steaming bathrooms when cleaning
• Ensure that bath room walls are always clean for better light reflection
• Switch off all lights when entering the bedroom and open the curtains for natural light
• Only flush the guest room toilet when necessary
• Close taps and faucets while cleaning
• Use colour coded micro fibre cloth for cleaning as they remove 99.9% bacteria together with a neutral cleaner
• Use micro fibre cloth to pick up water as they are highly absorbent
• Use the ‘Magic Sponge’ for removing scuff marks from wall paper and wooden surfaces, as it works without chemical
• Use ‘Twister Pads’ to crystallize the marble floor as they work only with water and without chemicals
• Use Nano-based products to protect your cleaned surfaces. Nano based products seal your surfaces and prevent them from re-soiling fast (Lotus effect)
• Use a spray express flat mop system to damp mop floors. The easy to refill tank which is fitted onto the mop handle dispenses only the amount of cleaning fluid needed to clean the floor. No water wasted.
• Implement the ‘Conserve Program’ and offer your guests to change the bed and bath linen every other day
• Separate the waste collected from guest rooms in colour coded bins for easy identification, i.e. red for glass, blue for plastic, green for cans and yellow for paper
• Finish off almost empty toilet rolls and tissue boxes in staff lockers
• Donate your used soaps and half empty shampoo bottles to local charities
• Do not print reports, use hand held devices which interface with your rooms system

If you need to print, follow these steps:

• Print reports in a smaller print so two pages fit into one page and print back to back. This will give you four pages on one piece of A4 paper.
• Print VIP reports by room number and divide floor wise to the team leader to avoid multiple print outs
• Fill laundry machines to recommended capacity before running laundry cycles
• During low occupancy, close your laundry earlier and switch off steam

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