Flourishing partnership providing all round cleaning equipment solutions
Dated: 06-01-2015

By Latha Krishnan

How many of us stop to notice and appreciate the spotless cleanliness of the streets, airports and other large public spaces around us? If we do, we would also realize the importance of the work that municipalities and the companies do to provide us with clean surroundings at all times! Dulevo International and Intercare are part of this huge cleaning industry that ensure our comfort and delight through their offerings and related services – Dulevo with its high performance cleaning equipment and Intercare through offering Dulevo equipment and excellent after sales service to its users here in the UAE and other gulf countries. “Dulevo Machines have been operating in Middle East region for over two decades and have become very popular with customers. Simplicity has been the secret ingredient that has allowed all our customers to be able to get the best out of our machines both from the operational and maintenance point of view. Dulevo has achieved success also due to the dedicated technical solutions purposely thought and carried out for the hottest environments that it encounters in this region,” informs Vincenzo Guareschi Geddes da Filicaia, Global Sales & Marketing Director and Managing Director & CEO of Dulevo International S.p.A. based in Italy.

Extreme climatic conditions in the gulf need a robust and a strong machine that can operate in areas where the temperature can go as high as 50 degrees. Dulevo easily operates in smelting plants where the temperature can go even higher. Also thanks to Dulevo’s technology, sweeping is now possible without the use of water, which is an expensive and precious resource in this region.

“With the dry, dusty climate of this region, it is difficult for traditional suction sweepers to operate up to their full capacity. Dulevo machines are the right solutions as they are made to suit the climate and the environment here. We feel that we opened the market for cost effective and efficient sweepers with Dulevo here,” agrees John H Colley, Chairman of Intercare Limited, that has been partners with Dulevo since the mid 1990s and made a major sales breakthrough in 1998. Intercare, head quartered in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates estimates its current market share in the floor-care sector of the cleaning industry to be in excess of 60 percent. In the street cleaning equipment sector, where Intercare holds close to 80 percent market share, the Intercare-Dulevo partnership has been setting the standard. The unique solution that Dulevo provides is its “Mechanical Suction” system which is covered by patents all around the world. This permits the sweeper to manage its water spraying system much more efficiently than any of its peers, and gives off virtually no dust residue, as the conveyor-belt process for the waste pickup keeps this down to a minimum.

The same system in Dulevo ensures that large amount of material is swept and collected effortlessly; large objects are easily collected without having to stop and manually load, like many other machines in the market today. The technology also allows the operator to work independent of water, therefore the working autonomy of the machines increases considerably and in a typical eight hours shift the end user enjoys a higher productivity.

“All Dulevo products are popular in this region, but Dulevo street sweepers probably enjoy the maximum patronage of large municipalities and FM companies throughout the Gulf region. Our clients use our machines for purposes ranging from highway cleaning to airport, municipal, heavy industrial sweeping,” remarks Guareschi.

Dulevo has been the most successful industrial and street sweeper brand here with over 1000 machines in the Gulf alone. The Dulevo 5000 that comes in five different versions called Evolution, Veloce, Zero, Combi and Compatto, has been very popular indeed. This has been achieved on the basis of the technical strength of the product, proven capability and the unstinting support of Dulevo dealers like Intercare.

“We at Dulevo are constantly analyzing the trends and needs of the market and are developing new machines that would provide solutions to different challenges that the cleaning industry faces. When we realized that driving a large capacity sweeper through a narrow road could be a challenge,

we produced the 5000 Evolution Model with 4 wheel steering, thus permitting greater maneuverability. Our customers needed machines with higher transmission speed and so we introduced the 5000 Veloce model with a transportation speed of 70 kilometers per hour. We introduced the Hydro series of machines 200 & 5000 to wash roads as well as tunnels and they became ideal solutions to the problems faced by municipalities and FM companies. We recognized the need for a machine that can do sweeping and washing simultaneously and thus the 5000 Combi was born. Environmental concern and our responsibility towards its conservation prompted us to produce the 5000 Zero. We constantly innovate because we understand that the challenges are many in this industry and that we cannot have one solution for all the challenges,” explains Guareschi.

Dulevo 5000 Evolution is an all round sweeper delivering 100 percent dust control, maximum productivity and low operating costs. It can be easily adjudged the world’s only industrial, street sweeper and leaf sucker capable of combining maneuverability, economy, and serviceability with a superior sweeping performance. It is specially designed to sweep streets, industries such as cement, masonry, brick, aluminum and glass plants, fruit and vegetable markets, grain terminals as well as ports, airports and civil contractors,

offering always environmentally friendly and all weather-dry dust control. The waste collection of the Dulevo 5000 Veloce is carried out with a mechanical system by means of the side brushes that move debris towards the centre of the machine, where the main central cylindrical brush hurls the waste at top speed on the vertical conveyor. The waste is loaded from the top in the waste container thus optimizing the machine’s loading capacity. The dust moved by the central cylindrical brush during mechanical waste collection is sucked and kept within the hopper through the vacuum depression created within the container by two high-power and high-pressure suction fans.

The special fabric filtering system blocks even the finest dust and complete the sweeping cycle by letting only perfectly clean air in the working environment. The machine’s special hydrostatic transmission technology and the two speed gear cover the full speed range from 0 to 70Km/h while driving comfortably. The unit’s braking system including service and emergency brakes is a cutting edge system with independent brakes on front axles and drum brakes on the rear axles equipped also with ABS.

In terms of productivity the industrial and street sweeper and washer Dulevo 5000 Combi works at up to three times the rate of any traditional sweeper, added to this the possibility of using the machine also as a street washer gives the possibility of doing two services with only one machine. Compact, quite, comfortable, attractive and easy to drive, the industrial and street sweeper and washer Dulevo 5000 Combi sets new standards of driver comfort with the latest technology in sound suppression inside and outside of the cabin. It is designed to sweep roads as well as factories and can be used indoors and outdoors; wet or dry. It allows with its 1500 litre capacity, front or rear ramp and extendable arm to wash all kind of surfaces as streets and sidewalks, even with the presence of parked cars. The Dulevo 5000 Combi is the perfect solution to clean sidewalks, pushing all kind of debris on the road efficiently and silently.

The Environment and its conservation being a commitment with Dulevo, all Dulevo products are designed with that in mind. They are totally environmentally friendly and conform to the stringent PM10 dust compliance norms. The Dulevo 5000 Zero is a machine with zero emission fueled by CNG (compressed natural gas). As a further step, Dulevo has combined with GORE filters, the world’s most proven filter manufacturing company to allow 35 percent increase in airflow and ensure dust free sweeping results. As its corporate philosophy, Dulevo also makes every effort during the manufacturing process to ensure energy is conserved.

“The Dulevo brand and products with their excellence in manufacture and dedicated R&D bringing constant innovation will indeed see a geometric progression pattern in the region.

Dulevo, by definition, provides the best street sweeper that is most ideally suited to this region. And we are committed to provide the best after-sales service for these machines. Today, there is no such thing as a “hit and run” sale. After-sales service is an absolute must. High tech Dulevo machines coupled with our service makes Dulevo - Intercare partnership thrive,” affirms Colley.

All after-sales service, warranty and spare parts are guaranteed by Intercare both in the UAE as well as in Egypt. Every major sale of five or more units enjoys the benefit of a specialist Dulevo trainer who flies out from Italy for this purpose. Including Intercare, all Dulevo dealers throughout Gulf are well trained by Dulevo to handle any services issues that may arise. Moreover in conjunction with them, Dulevo also conduct technical workshops for end users both for maintenance as well as the operational crew.

“Our company policy is to find solutions for every question that is asked of us and we assure our customers that we will not rest on our laurels but continue to innovate to find cost effective environmentally beneficial solutions. We are now ready for the launch of many new models including the exciting new model 3000 that will be officially presented in the Gulf region around February 2015,” informs Guareschi.

This year, Dulevo has made further inroads into the Egyptian cleaning industry especially due to the enthusiastic efforts of Intercare. According to Colley, Intercare Egypt has managed to close the sale with the Egyptian army and Dulevo has now become the preferred brand with the armed forces there. With more aggressive marketing by Intercare aided by service back up and spare parts support from Dulevo, the brand and its products is all set to continue to excite more government and private organizations in that country and hopefully bring in new orders. While the partnership with Dulevo continues to thrive with its dedicated efforts, the entire Intercare Limited Group is consolidating a multi pronged growth strategy. Colley says, “On the whole – in spite of a somewhat more conservative approach from bankers and more and more competition being attracted to the market – this year has shown a remarkable uplift in sales for the Group. Dubai Municipality has refreshed its fleet, which is now customized for it, and this will continue into the next 2 years. Intercare itself is being retained with its entire steel and painting industries to refurbish and customize older fleets. We see substantial growth in these and we are also focusing on rentals. I personally see an eventual part-assembly for us in the UAE, importing in kit form to take – and pass on - the fullest benefit possible on the current high shipping costs. We could reduce the shipping by about 80 percent and avoid the rare and expensive method of “Flat-Rack” shipping.” Both Intercare and Dulevo, expect their partnership in the UAE and the gulf region to grow comfortably further in the coming year with an exciting line of new products and new ideas of development as the market matures further.