Dated: 23-01-2020


By Samiya Andrabi

Celebrations, motivations and resolutions - there is something about the New Year which instills hope in all of us. But why confine these positive energies to your personal life? Why not channelize them towards your work? We speak to manufacturers, distributors, service providers and end users of the cleaning and hygiene industry and have them all collectively framing their new year resolutions and major goals for 2020. Let’s hear it from them!

Body Pulse 20 Beauty and Fitness Salon

It goes without saying that all staff are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and it should start from ourselves. Simple practices such as ensuring hands are clean and uniforms are free from unusual stains and staying presentable are key.

- Niveen, Owner, Body Pulse 20 Beauty and Fitness Salon

Dalma Mall

Our goal for 2020 is to raise the bar even higher in terms of cost-effectiveness and performance efficiency while maintaining sustainable practices in delivering our cleaning services.

- Eng Mohammed Rashid Al Hilaly, Senior Operations Manager, Dalma Mall


At Diversey, our mission is to protect and to care for people every day, by pioneering future-oriented cleaning and hygiene technologies. In line with our corporate mission, and given the fact that 2020 is an EXPO year; our new year's resolution is to maximise the value we create for our customers. By placing our innovative solutions at the forefront, we will highlight sustainability over our cutting-edge technologies and raise the bar in terms of efficiency, productivity improvement and waste reduction.

- Sherif Fahmy, Country Director, UAE & GCC Indirect Channels

Intercare Ltd.

In 2020, Intercare will continue to change the cleaning and hygiene industry with new and innovative solutions. It will strive for sustainability that is cost effective and realistic. It will aim to further consolidate its position as the market leader by investing in smart and sustainable products and technology. In addition to this, the company will take strong measures to avoid wastage!

- Venkatesh Manjeri, Joint Managing Director, Intercare Ltd.


With a tremendously successful 2019, Isnaad has reinforced its reputation as a leading Soft FM provider in the region. Our desire and ability to deliver superior value to clients through preserving and enhancing the efficiency of their assets has remained the benchmark of our excellent performance and business growth. Furthering this commitment, we will continue our pursuit of results-driven and eco-friendly cleaning and hygiene solutions in 2020 and beyond, to cater to the evolving needs of our customers while also contributing to the sustainability goals of the UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda.

- Benjamin Wessendorf, Business Head, Isnaad, Imdaad

Keno Car Wash

Our service is going to be more seamless. Keno is going to be a better, more mature and stable technology that will help not only us, but every person who is willing to be a part of the car care industry and is environmentally cautious. Keno, as a platform is going to be the car app - providing car wash, car maintenance, car protection, insurance, tyre and battery change, roadside assistance, registration, renewal, etc. In a nutshell, whenever one has to buy a car, downloading Keno will be a must. In addition to this, we are going to announce expansion into another GCC country. We are also expecting good investment from people who also believe in transforming and improving the car care industry, like us.

- Rayyan Hassan, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Keno.


In 2020, MBM will strive for zero incidents and spread worker safety. We will ensure that more briefings and toolbox talks are given to our staff. We will provide all necessary personal protective equipment and keep safety at the top of our priority.

Secondly, we will strive to simplify housekeeping and monitoring for our staff by introducing new technologies, systems and tools. And lastly, we want to imbibe the use of green and environment friendly chemicals in all our cleaning processes.

- Mohamed Adil, Head of Operations, MBM

Medcare Hospital

Patient safety and infection control are critical for any hospital to provide the best possible outcomes for patients and avoid preventable infections and errors. Medcare’s 2020 resolution is to continue providing safe and quality care to all our patients, families, staff and visitors and targeting zero patient harm. We can only achieve our goal by maintaining the hospital environment free from microbial contamination.

- Shaheena Surani and Dr. Neesha Nair, Medcare Hospital

Park Hyatt, Dubai

• Focus on professional training and awareness to all associates with regards to general hygiene and how it impacts their lives and that of others.

• Introduce the latest cleaning methods and technology to maximize productivity and improve efficiencies.

• Elevate the restroom experience for all the guests visiting the hotel premises.

• Identify areas where ergonomically designed solutions can be introduced for associates to be able to perform tasks with ease and keeping their health and safety in mind.

• To establish rapport with suppliers who share the same vision as Hyatt’s, which is caring for our people, guests, local community, shareholders and the environment.

• Huge focus will be on sustainability where we strive to introduce refillable glass water bottles and bulk dispensers for our bathroom amenities, which aims to cut down plastic bottles going into the landfill.

• Introduce digital inspection system for guest rooms and public areas, which can very effectively monitor performance of the teams and easily identify areas for improvement.

- Bhawani Bhargava, Director of Housekeeping, Park Hyatt Dubai

Reza Hygiene

Reza Hygiene is universally recognized by clients and competitors alike as being the best at what it does, continuously moving in a strong and positive direction to provide innovative solutions with technologically advanced products & technical support services that are compliant with or exceed international standards. Reza Hygiene’s key objectives are to generate customer loyalty through high standards, integrity and respect, whilst developing, training and caring for its staff so that they are equipped to provide excellence.

- Keith Watson, Division Manager, Reza Hygiene

UAE Housekeeper’s Group

As an industry expert, I am looking forward to a sustainable 2020 in terms of processes and products used. I wish in 2020 housekeeping takes a lead with technology and smart tools. Leadership to be further defined with emotional connect and more talent with amplification of true leadership skills.

- Pamini Hemaprabha, Board Member, UAE Housekeeper’s Group

As a New Year resolution, I want to look into redefining our purpose in housekeeping and to focus more on sustainability. This includes but is not limited to:

1. Focus on training, ensuring that every team member is knowledgeable on how they can contribute towards a healthier environment.

2. Find solutions to further reduce chemicals in housekeeping

3. Segregate, segregate, segregate all our waste from guest rooms.

- Tatjana Ahmed, Chairperson, UAE Housekeeper’s Group

Union Coop

The concept of ‘sustainable cleaning’ is a regular activity for us because we, as a global platform, belong to serve the community. Moreover, serving the community means reducing the burden on our valued consumer and provide them with a healthy shopping experience. We along with the third parties involved will try to create a sustainable ecosystem that ensures a clean shopping environment in all the branches. Therefore, it would be fit to assume that our business model is ‘beyond timeline’.

- Harib Mohammed Bin Thani, Director of Operations Division, Union Coop