Dated: 23-01-2020

Best Hygiene Practices: Body Pulse 20 Fitness and Beauty Studio

Whatever the type of business, the law clearly states that it must comply with the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene. This holds especially true for a hair or beauty salon, which witnesses a heavy footfall of so many different people every day. On top of a heavy footfall, which mostly spikes up after routine office hours and during weekends, salon workers are also exposed to many different clients, performing treatments everywhere from their hair and scalp, to their fingernails and toenails, to their most intimate areas.

Taking all these factors into consideration, it is imperative for salon owners to have impeccable practices for salon hygiene and good housekeeping. Not only does this help in achieving customer delight, it also prevents cross contamination and ensures that nobody’s health is put at risk.

In the beginning, most salons would reuse the materials, tools and towels. In doing so, they used to considerably cut down costs but unknowingly sacrifice the quality of services. This practice of reusing everything, although economical, would disrupt the customer experience. However, things have changed now. Salons now care more for a customer’s hygiene, cleanliness and well being.

Body Pulse 20 Beauty and Fitness Salon is one such place. Located in the heart of Silicon Oasis, Dubai, the salon is known for maintaining optimum hygiene. It stands by the belief that a clean, safe, sterile salon and station will set it apart from the competition. Hence, cleanliness is one of the top priorities in the salon’s operations. Having a clean salon allows Body Pulse 20 to be trusted among its customers. It allows these customers to have a sense of safety and security.

However, the need of having a spotless salon doesn’t stop at the customer. The Dubai Municipality too has several regulations in place which ensure that a salon facility is well maintained. It also requires all the salons to have the hygiene and sanitation training for all staff. This, in turn, helps salons like Body Pulse 20 to set up and adhere to stringent SOPs for cleaning. It also ensures that the salon will look appealing and presentable that builds the trust of every individual entering their premises.

Best practices followed at Body Pulse 20 Beauty and Fitness Salon

Body Pulse looks beyond the regulations and has a great regard for cleaning and hygiene ingrained in its core values. At the salon, every station is cleaned and sanitized after single use. All the waste is periodically placed in the bins and in order to avoid pests and insects, no food is allowed inside the rooms, corners or tables. The salon facility is constantly cleaned and all the containers covered and labelled correctly.

In addition to this, Body Pulse staff ensures that all of the tools and equipments are fully hygienic and always ready to use. Tasks are delegated among staff members covering each responsibility that includes floor, implements, tools, etc. For routine operations of the salon, mostly disposable materials are used. This ensures there is no cross contamination. Going a step further, Body Pulse makes sure that non-reusable tools are disinfected, sanitized, sterilized and placed in the UV or Heat Machine with proper storage.

Coming towards cleaning solutions, Body Pulse 20 uses barbicide liquid, which is highly recommended by the municipality. But before they finalize on the cleaning solution, they go to an app called Mojati to check if its legally allowed to use in the salon. Inside the salon, it is quite a challenge to maintain such a high level of hygiene and cleanliness during the peak hours.

However, the Body Pulse 20 staff works in unison to maintain the studio round the clock. It goes without saying that all staff are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and it should start from themselves. For the upcoming years, Body Pulse 20 plans to implement and live by simple hygiene practices such as ensuring hands are clean and uniforms are free from unusual stain and stay presentable.

Some Dubai Municipality regulations for salons

• An annual medical test should be done for the salon staff in Dubai Municipality.

• Wearing light-colored uniforms (preferably with long sleeves), and dark-colored uniforms for hair coloring. Each employee must have (3) uniforms and they should wear it during the work hours & keep it clean.

• Personal hygiene of the staff should be maintained(cutting nails, not wearing metal jewelry, wearing appropriate footwear that covers the entire foot, cleanliness of hair and clothes, avoiding smoking and cleaning the mouth from smoking odours).

• Employees must wash, clean and disinfect their hands after serving each customer.

• Unhygienic and inappropriate practices are not allowed in salon premises.

• Avoid dealing with skin diseases in customers, treating acne and pimples or providing any medical advice or remedies or something like that.

• Gloves must be worn when providing hair coloring service.

• The employee must avoid dealing with any customer if he suffers from respiratory disease, infectious disease, presence of open sores/wounds or skin infections.

• Mask must be worn when providing the service.

• Suitable ventilation & lighting should be available.

• Tools must be cleaned mechanically after each customer by washing them with warm water and brush as a first stage in preparation for sterilization.

• Disinfectant solution must be provided in which used tools must be fully dipped in.

• UV light sterilization machine must be provided for hair tools (1 for each 3 chairs) and maintained clean. Tools must be kept inside the machine after cleaning, disinfecting and drying them.

• Use clean and sterilized hair brushes that are kept in clean and suitable drawers and it must be separated from not cleaned tools. It is not allowed to re-use brushes among customers unless washed and sterilized properly.

• Non-metal nail care tools and face sponges must be disposable and packaged well. It is not allowed to re-use them for other customers, and must be properly disposed after use.

• Cleaning and disinfecting sitting and servicing areas, floors, surfaces, corners, sauna and steam rooms, as well as cabinets, shelves, drawers, curtains and toilets.

• Disposable wooden sticks must be used for waxing, and it is not allowed to double dip the stick in the waxing container or use it for other customers. A poster for “No double dipping” must be provided.

• In case of using the roller wax, inner container must be changed for each customer.

• Disposable bed sheets must be provided and changed after each customer in service area.

• All facial machines must be maintained clean and disinfected, and the water must be changed periodically. The water bowel of the machine must be made of glass to insure the purity of water continuously, and the internal heater must be made of rust proof material.

• Needed amount of cosmetic should be taken from the main container into a clean and disinfected bowel using disposable spatulas to be used. It is not allowed to use the product directly from its container.

• It is not allowed to re-immerse hands and feet in paraffin wax and an illustrating sign must be provided in all designated areas in salon.

• High-quality disposable tools must be provided from reliable sources.

• Disposable facial towels must be provided and it must be discarded properly after each customer.