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How Muscat Stays Clean…
Date: April, 2017

Nikson MathewNikson Mathew, Divisional Manager, Al Ariq Equipment LLC

Increasingly, the Sultanate of Oman is moving into the tourism limelight. Muscat, the country’s capital, is well-known the world over for its impeccable streets – from design to landscaping to cleanliness. And, one cannot ignore the practice and efforts behind this vision. Probably the most noticeable factor is the fact that the citizens and residents of the country do not litter the streets or dirty the city. It is notable that property owners put in their best efforts to maintain the standards and regulations set by the authorities. One can easily see that most properties are clean inside the compound wall and the footpath surrounding the property including the manholes.

The Muscat Municipality is quite aggressive and systematic in ensuring that the city maintains its clean environment. And, it is not uncommon to come across the Municipality Chairman and his senior team supervising the streets and beaches for a hands-on inspection. Moreover, the fact that the municipality is using the latest, high-end equipment and skilled workforce is testimony to its dedication to cleanliness. Amongst these are the latest technologies for cleaning and waste collection in and around Muscat area. Muscat is one amongst few cities in the world to have a state-of-the-art underground waste collection system. These installations are known for being in operation for the last 3 years – enhancing the city’s aesthetics since it removes the need for open or over ground waste containers in the business district area. Moreover, there is no chance of overflowing garbage, no odour, or parasties and is easy to access for differentlyabled people and children. The system with its two or four openings (throwing pillar), is easy to be connected to the underground system. Users will have to open the boxes (throwing pillar) to dump waste.

Apart from this, the Eurocarta voluntary columns - a cagelike system for collection of cartons/paper and magazines - are being used effectively at every installation of underground platforms and is the first-of-its-kind-installation for recyclable material. As far as the roads are concerned, every resident and citizen witnesses the street sweepers’ performance at night. Mechanical suction sweepers result in the best possible cleaning of the roads.

What one can learn from this case in example is the way in which the Municipality, citizens and residents work in tandem with high-tech solutions. It only goes to show how far any city can reach if it works conscientiously towards a cleaner, better and happier environment.


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