Cleaning Parameters for Owners’ Associations
Date: November, 2017

The UAE is known for its superlative standards of innovation and hygiene. Be it public utilities or private spaces, cleanliness and safety is of paramount importance, thereby making this country rank high up in the desired index of places to reside in. Owners’ Associations (OA) have become a vital part of the community living and are progressively adopting international FM standards for meaningful financial and operational benefits while managing premises. They manage and administer the common areas on behalf of the owners and ensure a healthy environment for the tenants wherein a service schedule is prepared to mitigate any deterioration of the property and deliver effective cleaningmaintenance services.

Service companies are diligently selected based on an objective tendering process after a thorough study into the credibility & service deliverables. This includes the full spectrum of residential services including internal and external building cleaning, floor restoration, pest control, tank cleaning, landscaping and swimming pool maintenance, HVAC & MEP services and other allied services under one roof.

The specialised teams are trained and certified to manage every aspect of residential and commercial property cleaning & maintenance. The cleaners for residential areas should be trained in performing multi-specialized tasks like cleaning a sofa, crystallization, window high level cleaning, carpet shampooing, kitchen & hood cleaning, etc. For the commercial property cleaning, they are trained in daily routine tasks like sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. Some services require enhanced training like IRATA certification for rope access or BICSc certified cleaners or Municipality approved pest control operators.

There are a myriad of things that need to be considered by an OA team before a tenant shifts in, especially in a previously occupied building. Highly effective chemicals, disinfectants and descalers are required with deep cleaning machines like floor machines, sofa cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners. Previously occupied buildings usually take more time, whereas newly constructed buildings take less cleaning time as they have all brand new facilities and only deep cleaning is required to remove dust and stains postconstruction.

One of the greatest challenges in the market today is to provide professional services at economical prices, especially in the current economy when OA have more choices. They are becoming highly demanding due to quick service turn around time & higher levels of quality of service expected by clients. This increases the pressure on service-providers and only those possessing the optimum mix of knowledge & practice with professionalism will survive. Further, recruiting, training and retaining the skilled staff is of paramount importance. We should make it a priority to ensure that our workforce has been trained keeping international standards in view while inculcating a motivational approach leading to satisfied workers & delighted customers.