Safety First - Colour Coding
Date: March, 2018

The use of chemical dispensing equipment for cleaning in corporate buildings has now become the standard practice for most businesses. A chemical dispensing system doses or dilutes chemicals at the point of use, by the end user. The popularity of these systems has increased over the years thanks to their accurate dosing, cost-in-use and sustainable advantages. While these pieces of equipment are easy to use, training is an important part of any process. For dispensers that dilute multiple chemicals, how can staff recognise which chemical is used for what purpose?

Colour coding and icons such as gloves and goggles are an effective way of showing employees which chemical and cleaning tools are required without the use of language. This technique helps operatives to know which cleaning products should be used and where; removing guesswork and potential error. Using colour-coding is also easily understood by everyone and promotes ease of use.

The benefits of colour coding on cleaning equipment are recognised by the cleaning industry. Using colour-coding increases the level of hygiene as cleaning equipment is segregated specific to purpose and area for use. In addition, by not using the same equipment to clean across multiple areas, operatives reduce the risk of cross-contamination. This is particularly useful for environments where high levels of hygiene are necessary to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

While there is no formal colour-coding standard, the cleaning industry uses the colours red, blue, green and yellow as key colours. Brightwell Dispensers for example, has created accessories to promote colour-coded cleaning practices for their ECO RANGE of chemical dispensers. By investing in training practices like colour-coding, companies adopt a culture of responsible practice and empower employees to improve job performance regardless of which language they use. This not only benefits health and safety but also reduces costs associated with misuse of equipment.