Eolisair - The Professional Solution for Indoor Air Quality

We spend 90 per cent of our time indoors. This simply indicates that for a better well-being we require a comfortable room temperature and a breath of fresh air i.e. free from dust, and other particles. Particularly in public spaces such as hotels, hospitals or clinics, nurseries, and schools where the risk of allergens or irritant exposure is on a high due to confined spaces - an air purifier (which can eliminate the common indoor allergens like dust mites, pet dander, indoor mould spore, irritants and microorganisms) can come to the rescue.

Early this year The Guardian reported that a group of state-run nurseries in London were to be provided with air filtration systems as concern grew on the impact of UK’s toxic air on some of the capital’s youngest and most vulnerable residents. The move was in response to a report made for the Mayor of London which found that air pollution was worse inside school buildings than in the surrounding streets, with potentially stark consequences for children’s health and cognitive ability.

Back home air pollution is one of the key issues in the Middle East region. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is estimated to kill (1 out of every 10 deaths) about 500,000 people annually in this region. The tiny contaminants such as dust, mould, cleaning supplies, pesticides and other airborne chemicals are the main factors of a deteriorating indoor air quality. These fine contaminants come as a result of an improperly operated and maintained heating and air conditioning, overcrowding and presence of internally generated contaminates and outside air pollutants.

The major source of air pollution in the Middle East region include the natural pollutants such as sand, dust mites and sea salt. The other sources of pollutants arise from mobile sources such as cars, trucks, buses; various industries, etc. A research conducted by Dr. Shirin Al Suwaidi, Assistant Professor of Allergy and Immunology in Internal Medicine at UAE University, also suggests that more than one-third of adults in the UAE suffer from allergic rhinitis and among the different types of allergies, inhalant allergies are by far the most common ones. With all these alarming statistics it has been noted that many commercial facilities including hotels, healthcare clinics, beauty salons, nurseries and schools etc. in the UAE have already opted for professional air purifiers.

Eolis Air Manager

Here’s introducing Eolis Air Manager - the smart air filtration system by France-based Eolisair that purifies and disinfects the air while eliminating odours through innovative five filter technologies. It is available in two models: Eolis 600 covering up to 150 m3, up to 60 m2 (with a high ceiling of 2.5m) and Eolis 1200 covering up to 300 m3, up to 120 m2 (with a high ceiling of 2.5m). The Eolis Air Manager has achieved various European certifications including the ETV Certificate - granted through a two-year technical testing programme; IFTH and TERA Environment. The product has also successfully undergone various tests by the Enviro' & Industrial Solutions Middle East (a registered environmental consultant with the Dubai Municipality – Environment Department); TIPEE Laboratory (Independent French Laboratory) and URS Testing Laboratory (a UAE-based laboratory, accredited for ISO 17025 with EIAC (DAC). “We knew that the Middle East region has a serious issue related to indoor air quality. Eolis Air Manager is not like any other air purifier, it is the most powerful smart air purifier for professional spaces in the world. It purifies the air through a high-quality filtering system consisting of five innovative and patented technologies. Eolis Air 600 and 1200 are the first and only ETV certified air purifiers in Europe,” says Ludovic Labidurie, CEO, Eolisair.

How does it work?

The indoor air purifying system combines different air purification techniques wherein the air passes through a pre-filter and medical filter (HEPA or ULPA) eliminating pollutants like dust mites, pollen, dust particles including PM10 and PM 2.5 as well as odours. The air then goes through a Very High Density Activated Carbon filter and Photocatalysis filter with UV lamps to eradicate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odours. The final stage involves the air passing through the Active Oxygen filter (this feature is an option available with the ‘S’ models) - an hour long deep clean treatment which removes strong odour, microorganisms and high-concentration of VOCs thus finally disinfecting the space.

A smart solution

Eolis Air Manager is equipped with innovative sensors and a smart touch-screen panel. It provides real-time data of the current pollution level including the VOCs and very fine particles (PM2.5). It also allows the user to continuously monitor the air and real-time filter performance and displays continuous environmental air quality data log (every hour). That’s not all! Thanks to the innovative sensors, the automatic mode enables the speed of the machine to adjust according to the level of pollution. Other highlights include speed control, night mode, keypad lock and more. Another remarkable feature of this system is that it can be controlled and monitored via a remote control software interface interconnected with a simplified remote control and multi-site supervision. This unique feature makes it an apt solution for professionals like a housekeeping manager or a facility manager of a public space to get a real-time update on the air quality information of every single room in the facility.

Indoor air quality in public spaces

According to health experts if the quality of air in a workplace is below par, the room’s occupants will be more prone to health issues such as concentration problems, headaches, irritation of the mucous membranes and respiratory passages. The accumulation of these symptoms often results in an increase in sick leave and compromised work performance. Labidurie informs, “Better air quality leads to 11 per cent greater productivity. Absenteeism caused by poor air quality costs companies 520$ /employee/year in the Middle East.”

Even in sensitive spaces like schools and nurseries children are more prone to suffering from health problems related to poor indoor air quality both in the short term (fatigue, nausea, loss of concentration, etc.) and in the long term (asthma, respiratory allergies, etc.). Further hygiene is of vital importance in healthcare facilities. On the other hand, there are many sources of pollution in healthcare establishments says Labidurie. “Given the sensitive nature of the space, Eolis Air Purifier is a great value addition. The system helps avoiding the spread of various types of bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, etc. and disinfect the consulting rooms and waiting rooms. It also helps to eliminate odours coming from open wounds, body odours, cleaning products. etc.”

Moreover in the hospitality industry this professional air purifier can aid in offering best guest experience to their guests. With features like air quality indicator and speed control, guest complaints like odours coming from smoke, wet bath towels, food etc. will never arise. “Apart from the innovative features the product has to offer for the hospitality industry the advantage of getting this system is its user-friendly monitoring system that can be used directly from the reception desk to monitor the room air quality in real time. Hence, when guests are checking in, the room is clean and purified,” concludes Labidurie.

*Study conducted by SUNY Upstate, Harvard and Syracuse universities