A study by Markets and Markets reveals that the global industrial cleaning market size is projected to reach USD 58.2 billion by 2024 from USD 46.8 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 4.5 per cent. The growth in the manufacturing and healthcare industries, coupled with the increasing awareness of hygiene and cleanliness at the workplace, is the major driver of the growth of the industrial cleaning industry.

According to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the Manufacturing Value Added (MVA) growth rate for industrialised countries increased by 2.3 per cent in 2018. Additionally, the MVA growth rate for emerging economies was 3.8 per cent in 2018. The healthcare expenditure growth rate has also been positive over the last five years, and it accounted for 10 per cent of the global GDP in 2018. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the global tourism industry recorded a growth rate of 3.9 per cent in 2018, which is driving the market for industrial cleaning in the hospitality industry.

On a similar note, the Global Contract Cleaning Services Market - a study reported on ReportLinker - states that organisations across the world are increasingly focusing on creating a healthier work environment for employees to enhance their productivity. Companies are increasingly outsourcing their cleaning services as it offers advantages such as ease of management and cost-effectiveness. The use of contract cleaning services also helps organisations adopt a holistic approach to keep their offices cleaner, healthier and greener. This rising awareness about workplace wellness and sustainability will lead to the expansion of the global contract cleaning services market at a CAGR of almost 5 per cent during the forecast period.

The Middle East market

These research and studies are a clear indication that the professional cleaning and hygiene industry is set to grow and will continue with more technological advances and automation. Talking about the Middle East region, the demand for cleaning and hygiene products has grown enormously with global brands foraying into the market. We recently witnessed this trend at the Middle East Cleaning Technology Week (MECTW) last month, which recorded 3125 visitors from 78 countries with 53 exhibitors from 15 countries, showcasing a diverse range of products and equipment. Despite the v olatile nature of the Middle East, the growing tourism - especially in the GCC - the increasing focus on travel and tourism and thereby hospitality - and the continuous emphasis of the GCC countries on cleanliness and hygiene and sustainability have made the Middle East an attractive market for companies from across the world to set up shop here (either through their own subsidiaries or through trusted partners) and provide their innovative solutions to the burgeoning market.

Highlighting this trend, Clean Middle East features some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning products who have made a remarkable difference in the GCC region with their product offerings and innovative solutions.


Regional presence:

UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, KSA and Oman

Product offerings:

Cleaning and care products, mop covers, microfiber cloths, cleaning systems and accessories, rolling buckets and accessories, cleaning and polishing pads, cleaning machines and accessories.

The brand

For more than 27 years, the ARCORA® group, based in Germany, has been a professional supplier of products and solutions for the cleaning and hygiene industry. Through the continuous further development of products and systems, the group has developed into a leading supplier of complete solutions from a single source. ARCORA® has been present in the GCC region since the last five years. In order to improve local support, the group has opened an office in Dubai since November this year.

GCC product range

Another top product, besides the innovative and popular ARCORA® PU-PAD, is the ORBITAL HEAVY OR17 orbital machine. The oscillating head adapts to all surfaces and enables working on uneven floors. Due to the special orbital technology, the mechanical cleaning power is significantly improved. ORBITAL HEAVY OR17 with ARCORA® PU-PAD is particularly recommended for intermediate floor cleaning.


Regional presence: UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and KSA

Product offerings: Soap, paper and chemical dispensers and dosing systems

The brand

Based in the UK, with offices in Germany and the USA, Brightwell Dispensers is a global designer and manufacturer of innovative soap, paper and chemical dispensers and dosing systems. Created in 1947, the company has a strong reputation as a reliable provider and partner for paper and chemical manufacturers, janitorial companies, dishwasher and washing machine providers and international corporations.

The company exports to 85 countries worldwide, supported by a network of exclusive distributors. The product offerings cover all hygiene environments such as away-from-home washrooms, healthcare and leisure facilities, on-premise and industrial laundries and professional kitchens.

Although Brightwell Dispensers works with multiple partners in the GCC region, their account manager responsible for the region regularly visits them for technical training and product information support.

Best-selling product

All of their product ranges are popular in the region including Quantura Warewash dosing systems, BrightLogic laundry dosing systems, ECO RANGE chemical dilution systems as well as their wide variety of soap and paper dispensers.

Future plans

The GCC market offers exciting opportunities for businesses and is an important market for Brightwell Dispensers. The brand is excited to continue to grow its business in this region and to provide quality products with reliable service.


Regional presence: UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman

Product offerings: Cleaning detergents and professional care products

The brand

BUZIL-WERK Wagner is a family-owned, German manufacturer with more than a 110-year-old tradition, developing and producing world-class cleaning detergents and care products for professional business. Buzil is a European leader in the area of cleaning and hygiene solutions, applying innovative solutions for various needs.

Buzil offers a broad range of specially designed cleaning products for facility management companies, government and educational institutions, shopping malls, industries, hotels, hospitals, catering units, commercial and residential properties.

The brand believes that their success is based primarily on the extraordinary power of innovation: working closely with their customers - more than 10 per cent of their staff is engaged in product development and optimisation on an ongoing basis.

Besides, the brand ensures to significantly reduce the consumption of resources by using concentrates in combination with dosing systems. Their containers, portioning and dosing aids, and mechanical and electronic pumps and dosing systems are aligned to customer needs and widely harmonised, making economical and ecological dosing possible.

Why the GCC

In addition to its German head office in Memmingen, the company has a powerful international network of branches, sales offices and business partners. Products from Memmingen are now delivered in more than 35 countries worldwide, and over a third of the goods that Buzil delivers are exported. Considering the growing market demand in the Middle East region, in 2011, Buzil established an independent branch in the UAE. The brand offers an extensive expertise in the development of professional cleaning agents, more than 150 formulas, its long-established quality assurance system and extensive marketing, distribution and service expertise.


Buzil operates with a distributor driven business model. It has established businesses in the hygiene industry in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. The brand has enjoyed its partnership with Fairlink Trading since 2012 in the UAE. Today, the ‘Buzil-Fairlink team’ has created benchmark in offering innovative products based on the customer needs and service standards in the industry.

The product range

Buzil offers cleaning solutions for housekeeping, kitchen, laundry, personal care, special care and private labelling in the world. In the UAE, they specialise in the kitchen hygiene and housekeeping segment. The brand claims to witness tremendous growth in both the segments since the last three years. Also, they have successfully reduce the number of products used inside a kitchen and make the cleaning task simplified and less complex for the cleaner.

Best-selling product

The Erol® System for washrooms & Blitz® range for housekeeping are the highest selling products.


Regional presence: UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman

Product offerings: Tissue paper, washroom hygiene products, air fresheners and auto janitors.

The brand

Delt Papir is the manufacturer and supplier of paper and hygiene products for the consumer and professional care sectors. It has remained a privately-owned company since it began in 2008 in Zagreb, Croatia. Under the leadership of its founders, Kruno Kišak and Alen Krajačić, and with 25 years’ experience in previously privately-owned distribution for multinational paper companies, the business has expanded rapidly into other countries in the Middle East and EU.

Best-selling product

Tubeless is the best-selling range from the group’s varied offerings along with some other custom made paper products in the GCC market.

Future plans

The brand aims to be present in all GCC market countries with strong and dedicated distributors network.


Regional presence: UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, KSA and Qatar

Product offerings: Cleaning and hygiene chemicals and equipment, washroom hygiene products

The brand

Diversey is a provider of cleaning, sanitation and maintenance products, systems and services that efficiently integrate chemicals, machines and sustainability programmes. Harnessing over 95 years of expertise and knowledge, Diversey develops cleaning technologies that save lives, providing a tailored, customer-centric approach that empowers sustainable solutions. Also, the group contributes to significant productivity improvements, lower total operating costs and brand protection. The company is headquartered in Fort Mill, SC, USA.

Why the GCC

Diversey's vision to create a healthy and safe world was fully aligned with the GCC government plans to protect and care for their people. The tourism industry trend is constantly growing since the past couple of years in the region, hence Diversey continues to facilitate its stay by protecting their health and safety.

Top product range

In the region one of the most important solutions is Diversey’s Clax Advanced programme. Clax Advanced is a high efficiency laundry programme designed specifically to perform at low temperature (600). It delivers cleaner and whiter linen from the first wash based on its new wash technology, bleaching system and improved accurate dosage. The programme can also reduce utility cost up to 10 per cent which is not negligible in a laundry operation.

Taski Swingobot 2000, is a combination of intelligent solutions and the latest technologies available in the cleaning market. Taski Aero vacuum cleaner is an ‘allin- one' feature combination with the highest efficiency and ultra-low noise facilitated by an ‘eco’ mode button.

Best-selling product

The top selling product range includes their laundry solutions offering utility cost savings and tailored solutions.

Lately, lodging properties have shown an interest towards the company’s amenities range of products. Diversey has designed its sensation range in a way to make lodging customers’ guests feel at home. The amenities’ covers can be customised as per the customer's choice and the cartridge is environment friendly with less packaging waste.

Future plans

The brand is looking at investing in people and at continuous business growth. According to Diversey, the region is the fastest developing in areas like hospitality, healthcare, or any service related segment.


Regional presence: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar (These markets have selective products only)

Product offerings: Hand dryers, LED lighting, air purifiers and fans, and cord-free vacuum cleaners

The brand

Dyson is a global technology enterprise with engineering and testing operations in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and the UK. The company employs over 12,700 people globally including 5,750 engineers and scientists – with an increasing proportion in South East Asia where production and operations also take place. The brand was introduced in the year 1978 by James Dyson to launch a new vacuum cleaning technology. Five long years and 5,127 prototypes later his idea became a working model.

Today, Dyson has continued to innovate vacuum cleaner technology with offerings such as engineering upright vacuums that provide powerful suction for a deep clean on all floor types and cordless vacuum cleaners, which allows you to move from room to room with more ease than a canister vacuum. All Dyson cord-free vacuums capture 99.97 per cent of dust as small as 0.3 microns and expel cleaner air. Dyson Airblade Wash + Dry hand dryer equipped with innovative Airblade technology allows to wash and dry hands at the sink.

The brand has recently launched the Dyson Airblade 9kJ, the fastest, most energy efficient HEPA-filtered hand dryer. With a completely unique design and cutting-edge technology, the hand dryer enables people to dry their hands quickly and hygienically in just 10 seconds, while using less energy and offering an alternative to single-use paper towels.

Future plans

Dyson has ambitious plans to develop new technologies with global teams focusing on solid state battery cells, high-speed electric motors, vision systems, machine learning technologies, and AI.


Regional presence: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman

Product offerings: Industrial, building and outdoor cleaning machines

The brand

Hako Group is amongst the leading manufacturers in the global market of industrial, building and outdoor cleaning machines as well as machines designed to perform grounds maintenance and winter service tasks. As an independent division embedded in the Possehl Group, the company supplies innovative cleaning machines, multi-functional implement carriers and transporters to customers around the world, supported by a close-knit global distribution and service network with sales and service partners in more than 60 countries. In addition to the company’s main plant based in Bad Oldesloe near Hamburg, the Hako Group operates production facilities in Germany, Poland and the US. The Hako Group comprises of the following the brands: Hako, Minuteman, PowerBoss and OERTZEN.


Regional presence: Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen

Product offerings: High-pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, window vacs, vacuum sweepers, scrubber driers, vehicle washing bays, drinking water and wastewater treatment systems, dry ice blasters, cleaning agents, garden and household pumps, watering systems and drinking water dispensers.

The brand

Kärcher is one of the world's leading supplier of cleaning technology to the private, commercial and industrial sectors. The Middle East subsidiary opened its doors in 1998 and is located in Dubai. The Kärcher product range includes high-pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, window vacs, vacuum sweepers, scrubber driers, vehicle washing bays, drinking water and wastewater treatment systems, dry ice blasters, cleaning agents, garden and household pumps, watering systems and drinking water dispensers.

It is a family-owned German company established in 1935. The company follows a customer centric strategy by offering comprehensive technical and customer support to ensure customers gain the maximum value from its offerings across the world. Innovation continues to be the most important growth factor for Kärcher since the beginning, as a result, 85 per cent of all the products have been developed within the last five years, providing the very best innovative solutions. Kärcher will continue to distinguish itself in future with its inventive spirit, top-class performance and innovative solutions.


Regional presence: UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar

Product offerings: Hand towels, toilet tissue, facial tissue, skincare, air care, dispensers, wipers, personal protective equipment, couch cover and non-woven fabrics

The brand

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ is a leading provider of hygiene and cleaning solutions. With a presence in over 175 countries the company is helping their partners create exceptional workplaces by providing leading edge solutions in hygiene and contaminationcontrol from trusted global brands such Kleenex®, Scott®, WypAll®, KleenGuard™, Kimtech™. They cater to workplaces be it an office space, school, healthcare facilities or high traffic environments like hotels, commercial kitchens, malls and airports.

Best-selling product

The SCOTT® bundle designed to deliver best in class efficiency and hygiene

Future plans

Kimberly Clark Professional™ is looking to leverage their global industry expertise to foster and promote food and hand hygiene with a strong sustainability focus. They aim to be the number one supplier in the cleaning and hygiene industry.


Regional presence: UAE, KSA, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain

Product offerings: Vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers, sweepers, single disc, carpet extraction, and pressure washers

The brand

Nilfisk is recognised for bringing highquality floor care machines, high pressure washers, industrial vacuum cleaners, outdoor cleaning equipment and a wide range of aftermarket services to the professional cleaning industry. The Nilfisk brand dates back to 1906. Today, Nilfisk products are sold both directly by their own sales companies and through a strong, global network of dealers in total covering more than 100 countries.

Best-selling product

Nilfisk boasts of a wide range of scrubber dryers for various applications.

Future plans

The brand intends to excel in the intelligent cleaning market.


Regional Presence: UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman

Product offerings: Cleaning solutions, waste management, washrooms hygiene solutions

The brand

Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) is a global leader in facilities management solutions. For over 50 years, RCP has provided solutions with industry-leading durability to meet the challenging demands of commercial facilities in the categories of food services, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, awayfrom- home washroom, and safety products. The company manufacturers’ innovative, solution-based products for commercial and institutional markets worldwide. The ISO 9001:2000 organisation is a part of Newell Brands' global portfolio. The company has its global headquarter in Winchester, Va. (USA) and its EMEA headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland.

Best-selling product

T-Cell 1.0 battery free non-aerosol air care is the most popular product in the region. The new and improved T-Cell 1.0 is the non-aerosol air care system delivering a consistent fresh smell for 60 days. This cost-effective air care solution offers 13 customer-preferred fragrances that lasts for 60 or 90 days without the use of batteries.

Future plans

RCP will continue to focus on providing meaningful solutions focused on five areas: productivity, health & wellness, sustainability, image and cost-in-use. Moreover, the RCP full range of recycling solutions encourages patrons to recycle and compost correctly, saving facilities’ time and money.


Regional presence: UAE and Qatar

Product offerings: Cleaning solutions, chemicals & dosing systems, ambience & personal hygiene products, profesional laundry solutions, ecological products (ECOLABEL certified), automotive industry cleaning products.

The brand

Spain-based Thomil Profesional with 60 years of history in providing cleaning solutions, to the profesional cleaning segment across Europe, started its journey from the wholesale cleaning market. In 1991, the brand started its production to offer professional cleaning solutions. Later in 2009, the brand further expanded its reach by offering its solutions to the global professional cleaning market, including the HORECA sector, education sector, healthcare, hospitality and motels, professional laundry market, and a board spectrum of communities. Apart from providing cleaning solutions, the brand also provides services like advice on regulations, training on-demand, effective technical assistance, clear and available data, consumption/ profitability reports and a local and convenient distribution network for the end-users.

Why the GCC

The brand saw a great potential in the GCC market as they believe there is an immense market demand of quality cleaning chemicals in this region and Spain has an ongoing business relationship with many of the GCC countries. After Europe, the GCC is their top priority markets.


Thomil is looking at associating with local partners in the region. At the moment, the brand is present in Dubai, UAE with Eurotek and Hygreen in Qatar and are in talking terms with local partners at Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and KSA to expand and build a network of trustworthy partners.

Top product range

The product portfolio includes surface cleaning solutions for specific and generic purposes which includes a variety of kitchen deep cleaners, food industry cleaners, anti-limescale bathroom cleaners, deep cleaners, factory and industrial cleaners and more. They also offer floor treatment and maintenance products, dishwashing solutions, professional laundry products, ambience and hygiene products like air fresheners, hand and body soaps, etc. A line of ECOLABEL certified chemicals which are made from natural resources are also on offer. These includes the Sumo Line, Prosolution line, Bag in Box system, Ultra Concentrate products and systems and ThomilMagic line.

Best-selling products

The ThomilMagic Ultra concentrates (dry dosing); the ThomilMagic Ultra concentrates (Ventury System through SMP Dosing System); kitchen degreasers which includes Degrass Multi, Degrass Super, Degrass D-50, Degrass D30, Degrass D40 Bac; dishwashing products for manual and dishwashing machines; MasterBox products and general bathroom cleaners are some of the best-selling products in the GCC region.

Future plans

The group’s future plan includes increasing their presence in the GCC region by associating with the right local partners in areas they aren’t present, and secondly working closely with their existing partners to position their brand in those markets where the partners have a strong association with the professional end users.

The brand is looking at a strong penetration in the KSA market with plans to visit the country by early 2020 to meet with potential distribution companies in the region. With this strategic plans to expand in the international market the brand has been participating at different cleaning international trade shows in Europe including the ones conducted in Amsterdam, Verona and Madrid to meet a lot of potential importers or distributors. In 2021, Thomil Profesional will be present at the Interclean show in Amsterdam.


Regional Presence: UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and KSA

Product offerings: Glass cleaning products, floor cleaning, and maintenance systems, a colour-coded surface cleaning system

The brand

UNGER is a leading international manufacturer of professional cleaning and maintenance tools. All UNGER systems are designed to make cleaning work efficient, ergonomic, and thorough. The portfolio includes professional pure water cleaning systems, a comprehensive range of glass cleaning products, floor cleaning, and maintenance systems, a colourcoded surface cleaning system, and a cleaning system for sanitary rooms. In addition to the high quality requirements and innovative product development, UNGER offers outstanding customer service. The headquarters of the company founded in Hamburg in 1964 are in Solingen, Germany and Bridgeport, Connecticut. The growing global business is driven by distributors in over 80 countries.

Why the GCC

Looking forward to the future, UNGER remains as geared towards growth as it always has been. The focus was therefore on geographical expansion in a global context. In addition, UNGER also concentrates on further expanding its know-how. More product innovations during this and the coming year will set the brand on the course to achieve their objectives.


With the help of their partners the brand provides training and cleaning seminars to end-users locally. The brand believes working closely with the end-users and getting feedback from the market.

Best-selling product

UNGER has a high focus on offering cleaning with pure water solutions. Their highest selling products includes the Pure water product range such as the HydroPower Ultra with nLite waterfed telescopic poles and HydroPower RO XXL Trailer with a 700-l tank.

Future plans

The brand’s future plan includes providing the cleaning industry with high quality professional cleaning tools while adding value by providing smart and cost-efficient products. Also, working closely together with their partners in the region and organising cleaning seminars to train both partners and end-users on cleaning with pure water is also on the list.


Regional presence: UAE, Oman, Bahrain and KSA

Product offerings: Refills, aircare, washroom hygiene, surface care, feminine hygiene infant care, fragrances

The brand

Vectair Systems is a leading technological innovator, manufacturer and supplier of air care and hygiene products in a number of sectors worldwide. Their expertise and innovation focus is on aircare and odour control, hand washing and skin care, surface care, sanitary disposal, infant care and products specifically designed for the 'away from home' markets. The brand offers custom design opportunities, too.

Vectair has been delivering sanitary solutions to over 130 countries for 30 years. The brand is currently operating in all GCC countries, through a network of several long standing and fully committed partners.

Best-selling products

Some of Vectair’s most popular products are part of their passive range, including V-Air® SOLID. The batteryfree aircare dispenser and refills offers a multi-phasing fragrance experience. The design allows for enhanced natural airflow to help deliver fragrance around rooms without batteries or fans for up to 60 days.


Regional presence: UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and KSA

Product offerings: Trolleys, floor cleaning solutions, wiping, scouring, gloves, waste management, matting, film and foils, window cleaning, controlled environment

The brand

Vileda Professional - a part of the Freudenberg Group - a globally oriented family-owned company headquartered in Weinheim/Germany - employs a large number of engineers and scientists who are constantly developing high-quality cleaning solutions. The brand develop and manufacture leading edge cleaning solutions for professional users in various application areas, such as healthcare, controlled environment, general building cleaning and HoReCa.

Best-selling product

Origo 2 is the most innovative cleaning trolley and the most popular in the region. Today, trolley systems are expected to do more than carry cleaning products and tools. Origo 2 rises to meet this challenge with new innovative features and seamless digital integration – all designed to offer greater safety and connectivity, improved hygiene and higher efficiency.

Future plans

GCC is a key region for Vileda Professional and the brand is striving to focus on this market by bringing their professional cleaning products and services in cooperation with local partners into these markets while contributing to the positive development in this region. Since quality, reliability, innovation and high hygiene standards are highly valued in the GCC region thus matching with the Vileda Professional values, this becomes an ideal foundation for a successful future collaboration.