COMBATTING COVID 19 WITH DIVERSEY The world is in lockdown. Countries across the world have closed down borders, cut down on international flights; all public areas that usually invite crowds have been closed down - malls, theatres, etc; events have been postponed.

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Clean Middle East Spotlight | Fight Against COVID-19 with TCL Clean Middle East in association with TCL visited Crowne Plaza Dubai to understand how the hotel is fighting against the current COVID-19 outbreak.

A walk through Bubble Laundry, Abu Dhabi Clean Middle East recently had the pleasure of visiting the Bubble Laundry at Abu Dhabi. The commercial laundry caters to more than 50 healthcare clients in the UAE. We take a walk through the healthcare linen laundry facility with Jorge Damasceno, CEO, Bubble Laundry and discuss the process, best practices and innovations used in the healthcare laundry.

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