Cleaning without polluting
Date: 15-09-2015

In this article, Tatjana Ahmed, Executive Houskeeper, Grand Hyatt Dubai looks at the importance and effectiveness of cleaning chemicals that are biodegradable, harmless, yet extremely effective.

Essential elements of our everyday life, home care products are increasingly being criticised because of the danger of some petrochemical ingredients used in their composition. For instance, quaternary ammonium and bleach may represent a real hazard to human health, animal well-being, as well as the environment. That is why currently they are sources of frequent questioning and are quite alarming too.

Bio products

There is now an international awareness programme aimed at limiting the risks linked to the use of chemical products. In addition, a recent European Regulation aims to restrict the distribution of dangerous chemical components as well as strictly regulate their use. Throughout their life cycle, detergents and particularly biocides, represent a danger for health and the environment. The active substances found in these biocide products are in general toxic, and the toxicity persists long after they have become waste. At present, no lasting and safe alternative, comparable in terms of use and biocide efficiency, is available to replace the chemical-synthetic products. There is no concentrated disinfectant solution of renewable origin, which could be:

  • Used at the same dilution rate compared with those required by the professional market;
  • In conformity with the effectiveness required ;
  • Without risk when in use;
  • Biodegradable of 100 per cent of the formula and without eco toxicity after elimination.

Salveco - chemistry inspired by the future

Meet a new generation of biodegradable biocide products. These products are made from plant-based actives with an ultimate biodegradability of 100 per cent on the formula. They all conform to the disinfecting standards, concentration, dilution, contact time and referenced strains. The disinfection Salveco products are concentrated and of comparable effectiveness to the leading market products, and they are based on components exclusively resulting from renewable resources and are plant-based. The biocide substance used is an organic molecule from agrarian resources, which does not introduce toxicity compared with the above-mentioned common chemical-synthetic surfactants.Efficient and safe, the Salveco products conform to the European standards for biocidal activity of chemical disinfectants required by hygiene specialists, while protecting the user and the environment, throughout its life cycle. In fact, Salveco received the ‘Innovation Price Inovana’ in 2009 and the ‘Innovation Trophy’ Rocher Group Supplier in 2015.

Tried and tested

A test with System Sure Plus revealed that the disinfectant from Salveco successfully removed all bacteria from the cleaned area. Salveco is available with Fayfa Chemicals, UAE

About the Author: Tatjana Ahmed is the Housekeeping Manager at Grand Hyatt Dubai and Functional Specialist – Housekeeping for Hyatt International. She has been in the hospitality industry for the past 32 years and is an active member and Chairlady of the UAE Professional Housekeeper’s Group.