Experimenting With Sanitation and Its Effects
Date: 05-09-2016

In this article, Tatjana Ahmed, Housekeeping Manager, Grand Hyatt Dubai, talks about long-term sanitation.

Infection control and prevention is a wide-spread topic that encompasses both the healthcare sector and hospitality sector. Over time, through my wide-spread experience in housekeeping events and conferences, I have had the opportunity to dig deep into this subject and adapt our training programme in the housekeeping department at Grand Hyatt to my findings to ensure that we are doing the right kind of cleaning.

Science and technology never sleep. Gone are the days of daily sanitation and today, more and more sanitisers with long-term effects are being used. Regular sanitisers that we have been using since a while now are known to kill microorganisms to an acceptable, safe level. The same goes with common disinfectants, which destroy pathogens, but only until bacteria and viruses settle back on the surface. In my search for a sanitizing product with long lasting effects, I came across Zoono - aa proven, long-lasting water-based surface sanitizer that provides up to 30 days of protection – with a kill rate of 99.9%!


How does it work?

Once an area has been cleaned with the normal in-house cleaning procedures, the sanitizer is applied and let dry for about 10 minutes. The drying process is call ’lysis‘. One should imagine that this process forms pin-like shapes which destroy any bacteria, viruses or pathogens by popping them like a balloon. There is no resistance to the popping of the pathogens, and therefore there is no possibility of developing immunity against it.

Unfortunately, this process will not save you any time as normal cleaning procedures will still have to continue. But it gives reassures that the surface is clean for a prolonged time and that the risk of infections or cross contamination is tremendously reduced.

We now use this new technology not only in our bathrooms – where the frequently touched surfaces are cleaned, but also in our air-duct cleaning services to remove mould and unwanted odour as well as in water treatment. Not surprisingly, even fresh flowers last a few more days if some Zoono is sprayed on to them. Uniforms, too, can be treated with Zoono – since it is anti-microbial and the uniforms tend not to smell.

One of the products by Zoono is also the 24-hour hand sanitizer. And I tested it; before using the hand sanitizer, the bacteria count on my hands was 283, which means my hand was contaminated with bacteria. After using the Hand Sanitizer it came down to 96, which is in the range of clean. I tested my hands again after 4 hours and two hand washes. The test showed the bacteria count on my hand to still be under 100.