The Dynamics Of Restroom Cleaning
Date: 05-10-2016

In this month’s article, Tatjana Ahmed, Housekeeping Manager, Grand Hyatt, highlights the need for scrubberdriers in restroom cleaning.

Restrooms, especially, represent an area in which bacteria and germ transmission take place. The restroom has increasingly become a high-tech place with touch-free fixtures used in possibly every application, primarily in newer buildings. Given the increasing importance of hygiene, especially here, cleaning machines have gone touch-free, too, and more so since the Internet of Clean has been making its mark in the cleaning industry.

Gone are the days of mop and bucket, which not only do not deter, but exacerbate cross-contamination. Cleaning machines today enable us to clean more efficiently and more thoroughly without touching contaminated surfaces. It is important for smart housekeepers to look for smarter cleaning machines in order to protect their cleaning staff from all sorts of contamination or infection.

Modern scrubber-dryers remove soil by using a wet-vacuum system. Such systems ensure to kill and remove bacteria and germs effectively. To ensure that such systems are most effective, a bacteria detection system offers re-assurance. Tests have shown that cleaning restrooms with a scrubber-dryer and a sanitiser, leave surfaces with a very minimal bacteria count, which leaves the area clean and safe to use. Using a scrubber-dryer in our restrooms also eliminates the need for deep cleaning floors as they are continuously kept in immaculate condition. At the same time, restrooms are left odour free.

Using the mop and bucket will not remove the dirt and bacteria out of your restrooms and they will always have an unhealthy and unpleasant lingering smell. There is very little training required to operate a scrubber dryer. The clean water tank is filled with water and a predetermined cleaning solution, and your cleaning staff is ready to go. Cleaning the machine is super easy too. Empty the dirty water tank into the drain and rinse it out with fresh water. Clean the brush and then put the scrubber dryer to charge if it is a battery operated machine.

Many believe that cleaning machines are much more expensive than the mop and bucket. But there is much more to it than just the equipment. The labour costs you are saving by using a machine is the biggest factor that helps make the bucks as the cleaning time is cut at least into half. Another cost-related advantage is that these machines are not only for restroom cleaning but can also be used for guest lift landings and lobby areas. There is a large variety of scrubber-dryers available in the market - battery operated or with power cable, walk-behind and uprights and in every budget.

Why not make your way to the Clean Middle East Pulire Expo to be held on November 13-15 at Dubai World Trade Centre, this year? I’m sure you will find the right scrubber-dryer for your operations!