Not an Ordinary Vacuum Cleaner!
Date: 07-02-2017

Have you ever realised how fresh the air smells after a rain shower? Don’t you taken in deep breaths – soaking in the feeling of fresh air? Turns out that rain, dew, fog, and snow clean the air by trapping airborne particles while washing them to the ground.

While most of us are aware that outdoor air pollution can damage our health; many of us do not know that indoor air pollution can create significant health problems, too. In fact, studies suggest that indoor air pollution levels are often 50 times higher than on a busy street. Dust in homes primarily contains building material residue, household chemical fumes, smoke residue, dead insects, dust mite droppings and dead skin that can cause allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

The Hyla GST (Geyser Separator Technology) – a German multipurpose cleaning machine - is making its debut in the UAE. An environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner, Hyla uses only water as a filter and requires no dust bags or other filters. No chemicals need be added – and as a result maintenance is low and there are no further expenses.

Sounds like it is too good to be true, right? Hyla GST’s unique water-bath filtration system traps dirt, dust and allergens in the water. The system forces the air through a water-bath. A specially designed separator separates the air from water so only clean, fresh, water-washed air is returned. This sophisticated design ensures superior air flow consistency and filtration efficiency. As the vacuum cleaner purifies and refreshes the air, it also gets rid of odors from smoking, cooking or any bad smell present in the room. It purifies 3 cubic meters of air per minute. Moreover, if a few drops of fragrance are added to the water pan (Lavender (my favourite), Lemon, Pine or Eucalyptus) it will give a nice fragrance to the air.

The Hyla GST machine comes with a full range of attachments, which assist in thoroughly deep cleaning carpets, hard floors, upholstery and curtains. Due to its high suction power, it is able to remove dead skin, dust mites, dirt, sand and bed bugs, ensuring that the property is in an outstanding clean and hygienic condition. Rooms and apartments being cleaned with Hyla GST machine can be advertised as anti-allergic rooms. HYLA GST can also be used as a wet machine sucking any unwanted liquid; for example water overflow in the bathroom. And it can be used in window washing and stain removal as well as in wet cleaning of hard floors.

We had a demo of the Hyla GST a few weeks ago. The performance of the machine not only left us very impressed, but we could see how the versatility of the machine can assist in improving the quality of the cleaning job done.