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Qatar Ministry of Municipality launches e-inspection
Date: 22-05-2017

To bring transparency, the inspectors and supervisors of municipalities will now be equipped with digital gadgets as the age of paper use comes to an end. They will take pictures and record videos of violations after the Ministry of Municipality and Environment announced the launch of ‘e-inspection’.

Qatar Ministry of Municipality launches e-inspection - Clean Middle East“Food inspectors will be able to start their inspection electronically. They will register violations and save it electronically and also send notifications to authorities concerned to take decisions about violators,” said Dr. Mohamed Saif Al Kuwari, Director of the Municipal and Environmental Studies Center of the Ministry. Al Kuwari also added, “The first phase is limited to food inspectors, and we hope by the end of this year, all ministry inspectors will be able to use this application instead of papers.”

As many as 104 inspectors from different municipalities are undergoing a 5-day training in the use of this application.Amer Al Humaidi, Assistant Director of Geographical Information System, said, “The e-programme saves time and efforts and will help inspectors to take decisions quickly based on the available information which is saved in the application. Also, inspectors will create a data base about all the violators of ministry’s rules either about cleaning, fish and animal resources, environment, excavation and building.”


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