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Study reveals the cleaning habits of residents in the UAE
Date: 22-05-2017

ServiceMarket - a home services portal in the UAE and Qatar – conducted an online survey of 200 residents in the Emirates, as well as the 1,000+ requests placed on the platform by the country's residents. Up to half of the survey's respondents (50%) claimed to use outside help to clean their homes. Meanwhile, 9% of the respondents said they have full-time help at home, while about twofifths (41%) claimed to use help on a part-time basis.

Cleaning Habits - Clean Middle EastMost respondents – 64% – from the latter segment stated that they use external cleaning help at least once a week, with 68% claiming they have "never used professional deep cleaning services". The survey also looked at the frequency with which people cleaned various items in their homes. Up to 67% of the survey's respondents had not cleaned their curtains in the last three months and almost half (46%) had not cleaned their sofa upholstery or their carpets in the same duration.

Remote controls and door handles are two other areas of people’s homes that are infrequently cleaned, with 65% claiming they had not cleaned their remote controls and 60% had not cleaned their door handles in more than three months. ServiceMarket claimed that 'the average cleaning job lasts 3.2 hours', with most common cleaning requests including dusting, floor cleaning, and dishwashing. Saturday is the most sought-after day for cleaning services, followed by Thursday, with Tuesday being the 'quietest day in terms of cleaning appointments'.


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