Date: 07-10-2017

Tatjana Ahmed, Housekeeping Manager, Grand Hyatt Dubai, says no to the traditional mop and bucket cleaning system.

Are you still using a mop and bucket system to clean your back-of-house, walk ways and restaurant floors? If yes, you might want to read on…

The mop. trolley and bucket system used to be the main utensil for cleaning for many, many years - a bad deal for the cleaning staff and the least sustainable practice with a full bucket weighing at least 15 KG. Constantly bending down to dip the mop caused back ache and tiredness.

In the olden days, floor cleaning took up most of a day’s work since a mop could only achieve so much. The worst part might have even been the inefficiency of the cleaning method. Every time the mop is submerged into water, even if the water was just changed, the attempt to clean effectively had failed. Dirty mops in clean water only result in the immediate contamination of the water. And this contaminated water is than spread around rather than picked up and removed. Just think about the use of mop and bucket in washroom facilities. This cleaning method could be fatal!

The mop, bucket, trolley seemed to bring in a revolution in the cleaning industry. Getting equipped with a bucket for the mop wringer in order to collect the dirty water and a separate bucket for clean water, seemingly made a lot of sense. Work became more ergonomic and easier on the back of the cleaning staff. The bucket did not have to be carried around anymore, just simply pushed as it was now sitting on a wheelable trolley. Flat mops made of cotton or synthetic material brought in a new speed in mopping. The later introduced micro fiber flat mop pushed the cleaning industry into a new era. The new generation of microfiber mops has tremendously improved efficiency and cleanliness.

But, those days when the mop bucket trolley was given a tribute, have also gone by. The buzzword cross contamination has made us housekeepers think again of newer methods of cleaning. Upright scrubber-dryers are the latest gadgets that have arrived in the tech savvy housekeeping departments. They are easy to use, improve productivity by at least 200% and pick up dirty water in a recovery tank, which is then simply emptied in a floor drain. No more smeary floors, no more cross contamination, no more smelly restrooms.

Get your hands onto the latest generation of scrubber dryers - the hands-free version.