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Happiness inspection’ enhances food safety in Dubai without fines
Date: 15-11-2017

A 'Happiness Inspection' initiative aimed at hundreds of Dubai eateries that earlier mustered only the lowest food safety and hygiene standards has helped improve their performance significantly, so much so that some of them even received excellent rating, the civic body said in a press release. “Of the 17,000 food establishments in the emirate such as restaurants, cafeterias, catering establishments, popular kitchens, retail outlets, and supermarkets, conducting a variety of activities at different locations, we selected 450 establishments, whose evaluation rating was low in the area of food safety for a long period,” said Sultan Ali Al Tahir, Head of the Food Inspection Section. He said the inspection reports of these establishments had indicated that they continued to repeat violations despite warnings and fines.

The Happiness Inspection team relied on a completely new approach, which included effective communication with the owners, managers and hygiene supervisors. The team had direct meetings with them in the presence of all workers in the establishment. They issued a questionnaire on the root causes that led to the low hygiene standards in the establishments concerned and supported them to develop practical and scientific plans to help enhance their hygiene and technical levels. The results of the implementation of the initiative in its first phase were very impressive and positive. “273 of the targeted institutions achieved a rate of 91 per cent development and comprehensive change than their previous performances. They also received excellent and very good rating and their self-control was strengthened through the approved hygiene supervisor during the third quarter of this year,” he said.


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