Date: 11-01-2018

Keeping cleaning standards high will always be a challenge, but here comes hope in the form of new technologies, finds Tatjana Ahmed, Housekeeping Manager, Grand Hyatt Dubai

New employees need training; and believe me, many hours are spent to perfect someone’s skills to perform tasks to an acceptable standard. But, how perfectly can you work when constantly under pressure? Time and motion studies have kept me busy in order to perfect the sequence of cleaning and to squeeze this little extra bit of time and make the cleaning task more efficient as well as to increase productivity. And still, shortcuts are taken at times to meet the demands of an extremely busy schedule. After all, we are no robots.

We are now entering a new era. With the start of driverless cars, the Internet of Things and the new innovation of augmented reality, there will also be transformations in the cleaning industry.

With the Internet of Things, in which every object can receive and send data to the internet, your soap dispenser in your public washroom will communicate with your system that it needs a refill. This will ensure that your guests never pump on an empty soap dispenser. The GPS on your scrubber dryer will tell you where the machine has been working or where it is currently scrubbing the floor; the water consumption of your scrubber dryer will appear on the computer screen on an hourly basis together with the energy consumption and the square meters covered.

Augmented Reality will assist in providing added convenience in the cleaning industry as it turns the world around into a digital interface real-time as you look through special glasses or smart phones.

It allows you to experience a certain level of technological imagery while remaining firmly on the ground. This should leave very little room for errors and will bring improvements of standardization into the cleaning process. Surely, this is an additional eye that will ensure all micro details are captured; with one look you can see what is right and what is not.

An article in the magazine Computerworld reveals that Elon Musk, the man behind the driverless Tesla car, has set his eyes on building a robot that can perform housework. Fiction or Future?