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30,000 workers in cleaning, waste management sectors to be trained in higher-skilled jobs by 2025
Date: 14-01-2018

As demand for cleaning services continues to increase, the Government of Singapore is putting place plans to help the industry adopt technology and cope with the manpower crunch. An Industry Transformation Map (ITM) for the Environmental Services Industry was launched on on December 11, with a series of initiatives to help companies drive innovation, train workers and improve procurement practices. The aim is that by 2025, about 30,000 workers in the environmental services industry can benefit from higher value-added jobs, said the National Environment Agency (NEA) in a media release.

Autonomous vehicles could also be used to clean the streets of Singapore. Minister for Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli said that NEA and the Ministry of Transport will be putting out a Request for Proposal for this purpose. He did not give further details. “In the near future, we can see autonomous cleaning equipment having the capability to ‘talk’ with one another and take the lift to other floors to perform cleaning operations more independently,”

said Masagos at the launch of the ITM. “This will free up their human co-worker’s time to focus on higher value work such as equipment fleet management or maintenance, or customer service,” he added. “Automation can make the work easier, robots can perform routine, repetitive or unpleasant tasks; data analytics can optimise the deployment of limited resources - all these will enable the industry to be better and smarter in its service delivery.”

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