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New BICSc assessment revisions
Date: 17-01-2018

In December 2017 the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) announced some significant changes to the assessment process. CPSS version 2.1 launches on 1st January 2018. This means that the new LTP will be introduced to clients when they have their audits throughout 2018. This will include the new LTP standard and SOP’s that support CPSS skills going forward.

Assessor training

The international model for assessor training will change in 2018. BICSc are looking to improve on the consistency of delivery and outcome to ensure that standards remain high. For new assessors to be approved, they need to undertake a one-day course with an approved BICSc Associate, which in the UAE will be MEATAC.

There will still be a two-day Assessor course for new Centres / ATO set up. BICSc are not expecting these changes to take hold from January 1st for existing centres, but they must demonstrate that they are working towards implementing the new changes leading up to audit. As with everything else, it will also have an effect on the training delivery. Gone are MU1, 2, 3, 4 and RU1. This will be replaced with an all-in-one compact model that will allow the trainer to deliver the old MU1-3 in one format. The components of the training delivery should be the same. Health and safety is still the key component. Risk assessment, method statement/safe systems of work and COSHH assessment should still be the elements that support the assessment. MU4, Preparation and care of a Microfibre system will retain its existing format and will now be known as BU14. But, where microfiber is used extensively during assessment outside of BU14, the correct procedure for use and care should be demonstrated despite there being no obligation to have completed BU14.

For the new CPSS 2.1 LTP it is hoped that delivery and assessment for up to 4 people should be only 3 learning hours, and this may vary depending on learning ability and application. However, time will still have to be factored in for training, background information and retesting. “As with the old model delivery, styles will vary as we need to ensure that all trainees understand the key principles of safety first for both the operative and the end user. I am not sure how many RU1s were delivered since its inception, but it will no longer be an option for those looking to renew their License to Practise card. Each candidate will have to go through the new format on the 3rd anniversary. It will still mean that if you do not renew you card will become invalid on the anniversary date,” says Tommy Taylor, Operations Director for , MEATAC.

At audit, BICSc will supply the new assessment and information cards to support the assessment process. There is no need to panic at this moment in time as BICSc are fully aware of where each centre stands. These changes should also not be seen as a race to the top. “Regardless of if you have it or the not your centre status will remain the same as long as you are re-audited at the prescribed time,” says Taylor.

MEATAC will be running a series of workshops to help all centres reach the new standard. These workshops will take place over one working day and all lead assessors will be eligible to attend for an administration fee to cover delivery cost. The times and date will be announced shortly.

The workshop will give an overview of the new LTP standard and a copy of the infills for assessment folders. There is no formal assessment process involved but on the back of the workshop delegates should be able to demonstrate to their verifier that they understand and can deliver the new standard to staff across the board.

For further questions, e-mail at or message him on Linked In. He will try and answer them. Unfortunately, due to work pressure, it would not be possible to take or return phone calls on this matter at the stage.


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