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Khansaheb launches corporate wellness program with fitness wearables
Date: 15-02-2018

To promote a healthier, happier workforce, Khansaheb Group FM launched its Corporate Wellness program by offering fitness trackers to all the employees at one of its contracts in Abu Dhabi, Al Ghadeer Village. With this initiative, Khansaheb Group FM aims to help employees count calories, track steps and inspire a friendly competition amongst each other. The employee with the highest number of steps will be rewarded every month with cash prices. This challenge is one of the many facets of the Khansaheb Group FM wellness program, which takes its inspiration from the Dubai Fitness Challenge, encouraging employees to make physical activity part of their daily routine to improve their health.

Other activities in this program include weight-loss programs, health checkups and increased participation in local races and marathons. Other than supporting a culture of self-improvement, the data is not used for anything at this time. If this initiative picks up steam, the FM company aims to roll it out across other sites as well.

UAE FM Director, Jennifer Peltenburg said “the intention is to serve as each other’s cheerleaders and build a healthier, happier workforce together which in turn improves productivity and employee morale. Camaraderie is harder to measure, but is an important benefit of a workplace fitness program. I believe that employers can have a big impact on their employees’ lives by creating an atmosphere that shows workers that they are valued and appreciated and employee health and wellbeing is a great place to begin.”

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