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Trash-eating ‘Waste Shark’ coming to Dubai Creek
Date: 25-03-2018

Dubai Municipality has enhanced its fleet of waterway clean-up boats and is mulling the launch of a smart, autonomous vehicle that clears rubbish in waterways called ‘Waste Shark’. “It is a remote-controlled, autonomous vehicle with dynamic sensors and a smart camera that tracks floating debris and removes them,” said Abdul Majeed Abdul Azeez Al Saifaie, director of the Waste Management Department of the Municipality. “It would improve the quality of work and contribute to the rationalisation of expenditure. It is also environmentally friendly as it is electrically operated and does not release any carbon dioxide,” Saifaie said in a press release.

He was speaking about the future plan for the development of cleaning operations in Dubai’s water channels. He said these will include the study of a number of modern techniques and equipment used for water purification of the channels, which rely on artificial intelligence and reduce human intervention. They also use the latest and the most advanced mechanisms to improve performance and efficiency of marine hygiene operations, such as the introduction of the Waste Shark.

The Waste Management Department has implemented a range of initiatives and campaigns to keep Dubai’s waterways clean and sustainable, including Dubai Creek, Al Jaddaf Creek, Dubai Water Canal and Business Bay Canal. They also cover expansions and new waterways such as the waterfront overlooking the fish market and the Deira harbour canal as these places bear tourist, economic and historic importance, he pointed out.

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