Date: 17-04-2018

In this article, Tatjana Ahmed, Housekeeping Manager of Grand Hyatt Dubai, talks about the importance of inspection in housekeeping

Inspections are of utmost importance in any field – and housekeeping is definitely at the top. ‘Do not expect what you don’t inspect’ is an old adage that must be the mantra for all Housekeeping Managers. So, what does it mean?

When we break this adage down we first see the words ‘don't expect’. Expectations are what we really think of as goal setting, and goals are the objects of our ambition and effort. Therefore, expectations are important for us in order to ensure that we are moving in the right direction. Goals are also used to measure success or judge failure. If you don't set goals for your team, then they will lack direction and guidance. Secondly, we see the word ‘inspect’. Since we know that the goals are our expectations, we also will define inspection. In themselves goals are useless if they aren’t inspected. Are you on track with your guest review scores for guest room cleanliness? If not, why? Did you inspect what you expect?

You have to take into consideration that you as a leader need to inspect what you expect. It is certainly part of your quality assurance. Without proper inspections you will quickly experience that things can go the wrong way. And very quickly you realize that the impact of inspecting what is expected contributes to your success.

Also, inspect what your people need in order to contribute to the results that you expect from them. Here is a checklist:

Why it is that at times the results are not the ones you expect?

• Maybe you have not clearly communicated your expectations
• The importance of doing things the way we expect them to be done are not clear
• Certain resources to properly accomplish the task are not available, such as time, material, man power
• You have the assumption that problems will be communicated to you 

In any case one needs to regularly inspect the progress and work of their team. Not micromanage. Inspect. Ensure that you get regular updates and ask detailed questions about the progress of the task/work. Ensure that your staff understands what you’re expecting, what you’re hoping for, and why it’s important to you and the guest. Ensure that they get back to you the moment a problem arises or they have a need.

Tips for successful guest room inspections:

• Perform inspections daily
• Use check lists
• Use a camera (to show properly and improperly done examples)
• Check previous guest comments
• Implement cyclic cleaning schedules
• Stick to preventive maintenance plans
• Ensure ongoing on the job training for room attendants and supervisors