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James Dyson begins his search for ingenious inventions in the UAE
Date: 18-04-2018

The James Dyson Award is now open for entries, giving students and recent graduates of engineering and design a unique opportunity to show their problem solving inventions on a global stage. The brief is simple, design something which solves a problem, big or small. The winner will gain international exposure through the competition and GBP£30,000 (approximately AED 155,000) prize money to develop their idea.

Over the last fourteen years the James Dyson Award has gained more and more international recognition, attracting outstanding ideas from across the globe.

Ingenuity can be found anywhere. The award wants to support as many young inventors as it can. This year, the annual competition will include entries from a further four nations: Mexico, UAE, Sweden and the Philippines; operating in a total of 27 nations.

James Dyson says, “Young engineers and designers have perspective and unbridled intelligence that makes them incredibly adept at problem solving. Their ideas can easily be dismissed, but if nurtured and celebrated they are transformative. Developing a product or technology is a long and daunting process; the James Dyson Award celebrates the inventive young people embarking on that process. The Award champions our next generation of inventors and will propel them towards future success. I am excited to see what surprising ideas this year’s award brings.” The competition recognises ingenious designers and engineers who challenge the status quo and do more with less. 


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