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UAE-based Adeeb Group to establish in-house cleaning division
Date: 18-04-2018

Abu Dhabi-headquartered facilities management (FM) and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) contracting company, Adeeb Group, is looking to expand its business activities in the next couple of years. In an article in Construction Week, Adeeb Group’s CEO, Eng. Ansari, said, “Adeeb has plans to diversify its business activities by establishing an in-house cleaning division, as well as expanding into security systems and product distribution.” Its planned product distribution services will be focussed on new facilities, revealed Ansari.

The group’s expansion plans are expected to help the company achieve its goal of broadening its client base. “[We are] keen on developing our [relationship with] existing clients, as well as new clients,” he said, adding that competition is among the challenges currently being faced by service providers. Other than competition, cash flow problems continue to affect the operations of many companies in the industry, noted Ansari. Despite those challenges, Ansari points out that opportunities and positive industry developments can still be found, one being the UAE government’s focus on sustainability.

“With the UAE government focussing on sustainable initiatives, companies are now [paying more attention to] energy savings and innovation,” he said. “Even elevators are now being modernised [and installed] with sustainable features designed to cut costs while improving safety.” 

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