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Brain Corp & Tennant Company team up to introduce autonomous cleaning machines
Date: 18-04-2018

Brain Corp (“Brain”), an AI company specializing in the development of self-driving technology for robots, recently announced a relationship with Tennant Company (“Tennant”) (NYSE: TNC), a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing cleaning products and solutions for maintaining surfaces in industrial, commercial and outdoor environments. Throughout its history, Tennant Company has maintained a sharp focus on advancing the commercial cleaning industry by delivering new and innovative cleaning technologies.

Brain’s proprietary AI robotic technology software platform, BrainOS, automates commercial-grade equipment, including commercial floor care machines. The new relationship introduces autonomous cleaning machines that have been designed to maximize productivity and increase efficiency for Tennant customers. Tennant will introduce the autonomous machines initially to its customers in North America with further expansion into global markets. The first Tennant product powered by the BrainOS AI robotic technology will be its T7 Micro-Rider floor scrubber with additional models anticipated soon.

“By incorporating Brain’s operating system into our commercial cleaning line of products, we can offer the advanced technology and innovation that customers value in Tennant products,” commented Chris Killingstad, President and CEO of Tennant Company. “The BrainOS platform and autonomous navigation system, combined with Tennant’s market-leading after-sales service and support, provides an ideal solution to cleaning professionals who continually look for reliability, exceptional service and performance, extended machine life, and a reduction in the cost of ownership. We are very excited to be working with Brain as we roll-out autonomous cleaning equipment around the world.”

“We are very excited to be working with the Tennant team as we integrate our BrainOS technology into their floor care cleaning products,” said Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Brain. “When customers choose Tennant products they expect advanced innovation and technology. BrainOS-powered Tennant floor care products deliver on that promise while simultaneously providing higher performance, increased productivity and greater reliability.” The commercial cleaning market is the initial application of the BrainOS robotics technology. BrainOS will be adapted to other markets as Brain develops its AI platform to solve an array of complex real-life problems.


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