Date: 09-05-2018

In this article, Tatjana Ahmed, Housekeeping Manager of Grand Hyatt Dubai, highlights various ways to appreciate the efforts of housekeeping staff. 

Housekeeping staff are an important part of the hotel and FM industry. It is only natural that employee appreciation and recognition will boost the morale of these hard working staff. The majority of them feel motivated to give their very best if they have the support of their management.

Housekeeping staff have a direct impact on your guests’ stay. Therefore, it is very important that we take the time to listen to them to find out how they manage their daily work load and if they experience any challenges. A good way to speak to your staff is when they gather in the morning for a briefing. Briefings are of utmost importance to share information with your teams and to get feedback from them, too. You should also take the time on a regular basis to walk the floor and public areas and speak to your staff directly. And an open door policy should be maintained at all times. Some staff might be shy to speak in front of others; therefore, it is very important to show that you are available to all of them at any time.

What is a good way to appreciate your housekeeping team? Firstly, appreciation should be expressed daily, as there is always something positive to share. Also share with them the guest comments including the negative ones as that helps plan how the team can work towards improving upon or eliminating the cause of the feedback. Secondly, have a reward program in place. Set KPIs for every month at the beginning of the year.

The KPIs might include guest room scores from your on-line guest feedback program, scores from room check lists, cleanliness checks on their service and panty areas, neatness of trolley set ups, amount of guest preferences collected and of course direct guest comments collected from the guest comment cards in the guest room. Winning teams are appreciated with a certificate and a shopping voucher, or even have a special lunch arranged for them in one of the hotel’s restaurants. When appreciating your teams also bring along your Director of Rooms, EAM or GM as they will say a few appreciative words as well. For our housekeeping staff this is a big deal to be recognized by the management for reaching their KPIs.

Another great way and opportunity to recognize the housekeeping teams is by celebrating the International Housekeepers Week. There are so many ways to start the days on a fun note and end them with small treats. Competitions during lunch breaks shake off the tension and add fun and laughter to a normally tiring day. You might want to add a team outing or picnic at the end of the week.

Training and development is another way to appreciate your teams. Opportunities for growth and development are key drivers of employee engagement. You might have an opportunity for one of your team members to job shadow or train for the next higher position. Employees who are able to develop their skills are more likely to stay with the company and this helps you in return to build the talent and teams you need to stay successful.

Appreciation is important to ensure your teams stay motivated. Only motivated employees will be high performing employees.